Saturday August 14th 2010

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The D&B hour of this show brought recent releases from the likes of Ramadanman, Dan Habarnam, Polska, Kodama, Rockwell and Dub One aswell as a very nice unreleased track from New York’s Kjell called “Time Lord”.

As well as dealing with beats from 2010 I dug out a few tunes from the nineties by Guardians Of Dalliance, Shy FX and Photek. Another oldie featured is the Invaderz track “Echoes” from 2001. Apart from all that expect to hear newer (but not new!) cuts by Breakage and DJ Trax.

Into part 2 and we go techno-trekking for most of the hour. Again it’s old and new material in the mix. The newest releases come from Altered Natives, Female / Regis and Polska. Then it’s mostly material released between 2006 and 2009 – music from the likes of Bvdub, Morphosis, Kenny Larkin, Texture, Quantec, Deepchord, Claro Intelecto, Lowfish and Moderat (remixed by Surgeon).

Going further back I dug out Mike Shannons remix of the brillant “Siamese Twins” by Horror Inc (aka Akufen). Check the original too if you don’t already know it. Another slightly older track featured is the soulful oldskool sound of “Until My Heart Stops” by Ross 154. This was originally released on 12″ in 2004 but was just repressed this year. Apparently both tracks on the release were originally recorded in the early 90’s but didn’t get a release at the time. I guess you can tell the tracks are nearly 20 years old but they still sound good to me.

One more plug for the Polska album “2nd Rate” which finishes off the show. This albuym has been featured in both hours of most of the shows I’ve posted recently which say something for it’s diversity. If atmospheric, breakbeat with a slight touch of jazz sounds good to you, don’t miss it!

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday August 14th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Blue Green” – Guardians Of Dalliance // Moving Shadow
“Pandoras Box” – Shy FX // Ebony
“The Last Laugh” – Dj Trax feat Manu Delago // Audio Buffet
“Down With You” – Ramadanman // Darkestral Galaxicos
“Echoes” – The Invaderz // Pivotal
“Minotaur” – Photek // Science
“Out Of Time” – Kodama // Alphacut
“Full Circle” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Losing Track” VIP – Breakage // Bassbin
“Wray ” – Dub One // Ingredients
“Time Lord” – Kjell // Promo
“The One” – Dan Habarnam // Cylon
“Google Plex” – Polska // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“Wish I Was Here” – BvDub // Millions Of Moments
“Flash” – Morphosis // M>O>S
“Until My Heart Stops” – Ross 154 // M>O>S
“Bass Mode” – Kenny Larkin // Planet E
“Late For Work” – Texture // Aesthetik
“Profound Experiences” – Quantec // Echocord
“Vantage Isle” (Echospace Reshape) – DeepChord // Echospace
“X” – Claro Intelecto // Modern Love
“Siamese Twins” (Mike Shannon’s Incision Mix) – Horror Inc // Revolver
“Crop Duster” – Altered Natives // 3024
“Untitled” (Regis Mix) – Female // Sandwell District
“8 Op” – Lowfish // Satamile
“Seamonkey” (Surgeon Remix) – Moderat // BPitch Control
“2 Reflex” – Polska // Subtle Audio
“Longer” – Polska & Con // Subtle Audio


Saturday August 7th 2010

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For the second week in a row I opened the show with a tune that’s downloadable absolutely free. This time it’s a young Russian artist called San.Dra who is giving her beats away – a remix of a track from “The Raw Truth” by Lynx & Kemo. Around the time of the album release, Soul:R held a competition in conjuction with I-DJ magazine to see who could make the best remix of “Global Enemies”. The samples were made available to the public and no restrictions on genre or style were specified. The winner was to have their version of the track released on Marcus Intalex’s famous D&B imprint. However, till now, no result has been announced (to my knowledge!) and maybe the plan was shelved altogether as there’s no news of a remix release over a year after the competition closing date. At this stage many of the remixers have uploaded their remixes as free downloads, like San.Dra did on her Soundcloud page.

Also featured in the Drum & Bass / Jungle section of the show are a whole host of recent album releases from the likes of ASC, Alaska, Macc & dgoHn and Polska aswell as a new vinyl release by one of my favourite new producers Dan Habarnam on the revived Cylon label. Macc & dgoHn’s “Some Shit Saaink” album was originally due for release on Subtle Audio before Rephlex licenced it last year. The release was subsequently delayed but it’s available from all good stores right now (including Juno, who are offering free shipping at the moment). Check “Sun Days” in this archive to get an idea of what to expect.

There are a good few older tunes featured in this show too, such as the angular synth sound of Optical’s “Grey Odyssey”, the stepping “Paradise” by Capone (aka Dillinja) and the weighty sub bass of Digital & Spirit’s “Cool Out” (such a pity those two don’t seem to collaborate anymore).

Into hour 2 and it’s an extended dubstep mix-up with alot of my favourite material from the last year or so. Well known producers such as Kromestar, Ramadanman, Pinch, Elemental, Pangaea, Marcus Intalex, Ital Tek and Headhunter feature alongside some who you may not be familiar with, but who most certain deserve your attention – Hyetal, Substep Infrabass and Djunya (featured alongside Headhunter here, but watch for some of his solo material too).

The last 20 minutes of the show are reserved for beats of the techno, electro and glitch variety. There’s something from Actress’s recent album “Splazsh” aswell as tunes from TVO, Lowfish and a remix of LJ Kruzer by Plaid which you may know from John Tejada’s Fabric mix or because you’re a big fan of Plaid, or because you just downloaded this archive…

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday August 7th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Global Enemies” (San.Dra Remix) – Lynx & Kemo // Free Download
“Bookworm” – Electrosoul System // Sound Trax
“Absent Mind” – ASC // Nonplus+
“Celsius” – Alaska // Arctic Music
“Cool Out” – Digital & Spirit // Phantom Audio
“Paradise” – Capone // Hardleaders
“Danzon” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Blakoh” – Polska // Subtle Audio
“The Boogaloo” – Dan Habarnam // Cylon
“Grey Odyssey” – Optical // Prototype
“Sun Days” – Macc & dgoHn // Rephlex (Licenced from Subtle Audio)
“Some Minimal Business” (LXC Refix) – Martsman // Subtle Audio
“Song About My Dog” (Subwave Remix) – Bop // Medschool

Part 2:
“Frenemy” – Kromestar // Dubstar
“Revenue” – Ramadanman // 2nd Drop
“Gold Or Soul” – Hyetal // Soul Motive
“5-HTP” – Pangaea // Hessle Audio
“Gangstaz” (Instrumental Version) – Pinch // Tectonic
“Soul Fire” – Elemental // Destructive
“Debbit” – Marcus Intalex // Revolve:r
“El Presidente” – Headhunter & Djunya // Surefire Sound
“Manhattan” – Ital Tek // Atom River
“Apnea” – Substep Infrabass // F.4.T. Music
“Huba” (Plaid’s 15 Years Lost Remix) – LJ Kruzer // Unchartered Audio
“The King In Yellow” – TVO // Highpoint Lowlife
“The Bite That Bleeds” – Lowfish // Noise Factory
“The Kettle Men” – Actress // Honest Jon’s

Saturday July 31st 2010 Archive

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Kicked off the D&B section of this show with a remix of a classic tune from 1994 by Alex Reece “Basic Principles”. Probably one of the earliest D&B tunes to use a “2-step” pattern, which was very different from the sound of Hardcore/Jungle prevelant at the time. Commix have freshened the tune up nicely – I really like some of the new synth sounds added in particular. The good news is that you can grab an mp3 of the remix for free from the Metalheadz Soundcloud page!

Other fresh stuff in hour 1 (not featured previously) comes from Code 3 (aka Jubei, SP MC and Dakuan), Parallel, Nebula, Metro and a forthcoming Dissident tune  (“Scarecrow” will be featuring on Absys Records excellent first ever vinyl release alongside Lm1 and Mr Sizef). The “Artcore Mountanizm” EP from Parallel comes highly recommended and, you can decide how much (or how little!) you pay. “Blue Carpet, Black Thoughts” is probably my favourite track on the release, but it’s all quality.

I’ve been playing Polska’s “2nd Rate” album quite a bit on the show over the last few months as it has been available through the Subtle Audio Shop since May, but the general release is just out. It’s available from Juno Records with free delivery right now and from yer local shop / online store too.

Another essential release at the moment is the Nebula / Reactiv 12″ vinyl on Scientific Wax. I played “Midnight Star” by Reactiv on the show before but the flip-side “South London Nights” is just as good – amen beats with some really warm pads and emotive horns for the ultimate rough/smooth combination.

Into hour 2 and some Dubstep / Electronica styled beats. Recent material from AQF, Scuba and Actress and a promo for a forthcoming release by Kidkut & Gatekeeper is featured aswell as some stuff that I haven’t played before on the show by Pangaea, Hyetal and Ramadanman & Appleblim. The show finishes with a classic from the 1995 album “Iaora Tahiti” by Mouse On Mars. Happy listening.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday July 31st 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Basic Principles” (Commix Remix) – Alex Reece // Metalheadz – Free Download
“Chasing Dreams” – System // Future Thinkin’
“Acacia Avenue” – D-Bridge, Skream & Instra:Mental // Autonomic
“Response Call” – Code 3 // Exit
“Blue Carpet, Black Thoughts” – Parallel // Self Released
“Dumster” – Polska // Subtle Audio
“Scarecrow” – Dissident // Absys
“Snare Drum Awareness” – Rockwell // Digital Soundboy
“I ‘N’ I” – Breakage // Digital Soundboy
“South London Nights” – Nebula // Scientific Wax
“Gateman” – Digital // Phantom Audio
“Rogue” – Instra:Mental // Darkestral
“The Dawn” – Metro // Amen Brothers

Part 2:
“Justify” – Ramadanman & Appleblim // Applepips
“Energy Distortion” – F // 7even
“Ska Train” – Elemental // Runtime
“Quasar” – Silkie // Deep Medi Musik
“Dead Living” – Pangaea // Hessle Audio
“Gimme A Break Won’t You” – Dr. Pytor // F.4.T. Music
“Middle Man” – Benga // Big Apple
“Code Red” – Kidkut & Gatekeeper // Immerse Promo
“Rhythm Bomb II” (Aart Greenwood Edit) – AQF // AQF
“Minerals” – Scuba // Hotflush
“The Last Time We Spoke” – Hyetal // Formant
“Und U Boat Actress” – Actress // Nonplus+
“Schlecktron” – Mouse On Mars // Too Pure

Saturday July 24th 2010 Archive

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Lots of brand new material in this archive!

ASC has been one of my favourite D&B producers for many years now. I finally picked up his latest ablum “Nothing is Certain”. I think this long player will be palatable whether you’re a fan of D&B, dubstep or electronica. Check “Fade Away Sessions” & “Absent Mind” in hour 1 for evidence.

There’s other recent material in the first hour from Alaska, Rockwell & Seba and though it’s not new, the last tune of hour 1, “Sit Down And Dance”, could fit quite comfortably along side some of the recent Autonomic material – Polar was always ahead of his time! There are some classics featured too including the amazing scattered dub of Seiji’s “Buggin’ Out” on Reinforced, the bass heavy “Who Want’s Some?” by Density and Marcus Intalex & ST Files big Metalheadz tune “Lose Control”. Incidentially, both Rockwell and Marcus Intalex were playing at the Bump festival near my home town of Limerick on this weekend, so I had to play something by both really!

Hour 2 kicks off with some sweet techno from Arne Weinberg on Technoir Audio and continues in this vein, edging up the bpm with tracks from the Sandwell District and B12 camps until dubstep territory is reached via some heavy breakbeat from AQF. I’ve been loving the techno / dubstep / breakbeat crossover stuff AQF has been releasing on the label of the same name. “Rhythm Bomb II” was unreleased at the time of this broadcast but it’s available in the shops at this stage. The other fresh material in hour 2 comes from James Kumo, Regis, Joe and Elias Linn with an excellent upbeat plodder called “Hellersdorf”. The show closes with the cinematic D&B sound of Naibu’s “Theme From Harajuku Station”.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday July 17th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Switch” – LTJ Bukem // Good Looking
“Like Old Times” – Mixmaster Doc // Driven AM
“High Priestess” – Seba & Krazy // Paradox Music
“Clarendon” – Breakage // Digital Soundboy
“Fade Away Sessions” – ASC // Nonplus+
“Dangerous Days” – Seba // Warm Communications
“Kodiak” – Alaska // Arctic Music
“My War” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Who Wants Some?” – Density // Punctured Light
“Lose Control” – Marcus Intalex & ST Files // Metalheadz
“Buggin’ Out” – Seiji // Reinforced
“Absent Mind” – ASC // Nonplus+
“Sit Down & Dance” – Polar // Breakbeat Science

Part 2:
“Carbonized” – Arne Weinberg // Technoir Audio
“Back At The Rex” (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) – James Kumo // Curle Recordings
“Sans Adore” – Pan/Tone // Bip_Hop
“Sides Of Space” – D5 // Delsin
“Untitled” (Sampler Single 1, Regis Edit) – Silent Servant // Sandwell District
“Magnetic Fields” – B12 // B12
“Rhythm Bomb II” (Aart Greenwood Edit) – AQF // AQF
“Gimme A Break Won’t You” – Dr Pytor // F.4.T. Music
“Untitled” – Joe // Hessle Audio
“Organic” – Kryptic Minds // Swamp 81
“Sweetz” (2005 Flex) – Skream // Keysound
“Hellersdorf” – Elias Linn // Bomb Shop
“Theme From Harajuku Station” – Naibu // Subtle Audio

Saturday July 17th 2010 Archive

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Dug out some old D&B and Techno favourites in this show but there are a few recent releases in here too, for those of you listening out for fresh beats.

First off, it’s back to 1998 for Photek’s remix of 4 Hero “Starchasers”. As you might have guessed at this stage I’m not a big fan of vocals, but I always liked the original version of this and the Photek remix makes it easier to fit it into a D&B mix. Next a classic Seba tune from the 1996 Mo Wax complilation – “Headz”. Many of you will probably know this as the mysterious track by an “unknown” called Forme on the Logical Progression 1 mix CD by LTJ Bukem. I only realised  it was Seba recently… should have guessed from the quality!

More golden oldies from Deep Blue, Digital and the aforementioned LTJ Bukem are also included here. I think “Orchestral Jam” (near the end of hour 1) was Bukem’s last real classic. Not quite up there with “Music”, “Atmospheric Jubilancy”, “Atlanis” or “Horizons” but certainly alot closer to that standard than his releases since 2000 – in my opinion.

Nice to see that there are some recent D&B releases that fit in with the classic LTJ Bukem atmospheric style too – Social Engineer’s “Line Of Sight” is an amazing piece of heart felt D&B. It’s a digital only release on the Scientific Wax label – would have loved this on vinyl but either way, this is a big personal favourite at the moment.

The most recent releases in this hour come from Rockwell (on the double!), Morphy and Equinox (remixing Polska). Had to play some Rockwell seeing as he was just about to make an appearance at a local festival called “Bump” the week after this show was broadcast. Morphy brings a heavy dub influence on his “Dusty Stylus” track – it’s available on vinyl from Alphacut right now. Polska’s “2nd Rate” album is due out on August 2nd but there’s a vinyl sampler doing the rounds already and that’s where you’ll find the break heavy Equinox remix of “Outvert”. The Equinox remix and “Setplace” are exclusive to the vinyl release, so it’s definitely worth snagging this. Copies are available from the Subtle Audio Shop and your favourite record store.

Into hour 2 and again there’s some older material featured such as the brillant glitch n synth combination of Horror Inc’s “The Sentinel” from 2003 and the off kilter bassline-led T++ remix of Marcel Dettmann from 2006.

The most recent release comes in the shape of Terrence Dixon’s sparkling “Room 310” – this is probably my favourite techno of the year so far!

Some favourites from 2009 feature aswell with Redshape’s remix of Marco Bernardi, “Stempel” by The Black Dog and something from the very underrated Aquatec called “Vilnius”. Check their “Places” album on the Hydrographic Audio label – I’ve heard very little hype about the release but I can assure you, it’s excellent!

Just to inform you of some mis-information on the microphone during the show – the Wagawaga album is no longer available for free (as it was when I got it a year or two ago). It has been remastered and is available to buy though – check the Acroplane site for more info. And also, the last track is by Apparat (not Moderat, as I said on-air!). Either way, a quality remix of whoever-they-are (!) by Monolake to finish the show.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday July 17th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Starchasers” (Photek Remix) – 4 Hero // Talkin Loud
“Forme” – Seba // Mo Wax
“Healing” – Will Miles // Deep Soul Music
“Stowaway” – Rockwell // Digital Soundboy
“Momentum” – Deep Blue // 31 Records
“Pull Up” – Digital // Metalheadz
“Line Of Sight” – Social Engineer // Scientific Wax Digital
“Understand” – Calibre // CIA Deep Kut
“Dusty Stylus” – Morphy // Alphacut
“My War” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Imager” – Dissident // Subtle Audio
“Orchestral Jam” – LTJ Bukem // Good Looking
“Outvert” (Equinox Retrospective Remix) – Polska // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“The Sentinel” – Horror Inc // Revolver
“Mathematical Accuracy” (Norman Nodge Dub) – Go Hiyama // Perc Trax
“Mystery Of Nazerus” (Redshape Late Bite Mix) – Marco Bernardi // Clone
“Matter Of Sound” – Planetary // Delsin
“Shena” (T++ RMX) – Marcel Dettmann // MDR
“Room 310” – Terence Dixon // Meakusma
“Vilnius” – Aquatec // Hydrographic Audio
“Stempel” – The Black Dog // Soma
“PiTjAntjAtjArA Dub” – Wagawaga // Acroplane
“Steinholz” (Monolake Remix) – Apparat // Shitkatapult

Saturday July 10th 2010 Archive

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New, promo and free releases in the D&B section of the show this week!
The Felix K, D-Bridge & Instra:Mental and Rockwell tunes featured here should all be in your local shop at this stage. I’m reserving a special mention for the opening track by B Cloud (also released recently) on the Alphacut label. At a time when vinyl is selling less and less they have already released six different 12″s this year. It’s even more commendable as the quality has been top notch on every piece of wax – and, I’m told, there’s lots more to come. Looking forward to hearing what’s next.

Also worth checking in the first hour is a forthcoming release on a new Irish label – Ancient Ways. It’s a joint project between two leading D&B Dj’s on the Dublin circuit, Executive Steve & Bonz. “Blues VIP” is a much sought after track by Canadian’s Stranjah & Gremlinz, which was destined to sit idle on a hard-drive somewhere until it was snapped up for this new project which promises to quality beats true to the original roots of D&B / Jungle. There are only 200 pressings of this, so once it’s made available, be quick !

As per usual, there’s a free download release featured in the show. This time it’s from a young Lithuanian producer called S13. “Earth Ulro” is one of 4 great tracks on a free EP of his called “Find Yourself”. Grab it from the S13 Soundcloud page, absolutely free.

Into hour 2 and there are fresh beats on the Dubstep tip from the likes of Joe on Hessle Audio, Pocz & Pacheko on Senseless and Late on Immerse Records. Other recent stuff includes Yoru’s “Stories” on the Belfast based Rudimentary Records and, one of my favourite Joker tunes, “Output 1-2” on Tectonic. There’s a cut taken from the new Actress album on Honest Jon’s Records and the show ends with a classic remix of Seefeel by Aphex Twin under his AFX alias.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday July 10th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Predictor” – B Cloud // Alphacut
“Ice” – Felix K // 31 Records
“Full Circle” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Still Here” – Mixmaster Doc // Driven AM
“Reversed Water Streams” – Paranoid Society // Modern Urban Jazz
“Reclaim” – Ramadanman // Critical
“Black Hole” – Jubei & Cern // Ingredients
“Blues VIP” – Stranjah & Gremlinz // Ancient Ways Promo
“The Day In Pictures” – Infest // Outsider
“Pleuromeia” – Dissident // Subtle Audio
“Detroid” – D-Bridge & Instra:Mental // Autonomic
“Earth Ulro” – S13 // Free Download
“Nothing Makes Any Sense” – Bop // Med School

Part 2:
“No Grudge” – Alix Perez, Truth & Lynx // Shogun Audio
“Output 1-2”  –  Joker // Tectonic
“Digest” –   Joe // Applepips
“Zarbak” (Mr Gasparov Remix) – Pocz & Pacheko // Senseless
“Stories” – Yoru // Rudimentary
“Nothing Left”  – Randomer // Audio Freaks
“Parables” (Ramadanman Instrumental Remix) – Landslide // Landmass
“2-D” –  Skream // Tempa
“Aeto” (B) – Anstam //  Anstam
“Ocean In The Bathroom”  – Kontext  //  Immerse
“Under These Circumstances”  – Late  // Immerse
“Hubble” – Actress // Honest Jon’s
“Consequence” – Abstract Groove // Sinergy Networks
“Time To Find Me” (AFX Fast Mix) – Seefeel // Too Pure (Re-released on Warp)

Saturday July 3rd 2010 Archive

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Goin back to the oldskool atmospheric style of D&B in the first hour of this show. Was getting ready for an all-day mellow D&B gig the day after and had dug out alot of this kinda material and decided I’d go for a similar flavour on the radio with the weather being nice at the time!

Oldies from Alex Reece, Aquasky, PFM, Wax Doctor, Jonny L, Bliss n Tumble, Spring Heel Jack, Blame and The Funky Technicians (aka Total Science) are blended with some more recent tunes from ASC, Senses and Dan Harbarnam. Stole a few minutes from hour 2 to fit in a extra tune at the end – always enjoy playing these kinda beats, found it hard to stop! Special mention to the Spring Heel Jack album “There Are Strings”, released in 1995 on Rough Trade – great album of quirky, breakbeat goodness. That’s where you’ll find the “Flying Again” tune featured here.

Hour 2 is dedicated to beats between 110 and 120 bpm for the most part. The focus is mostly on beats that have been around a while (but not from as far back as the majority of the D&B in hour 1). The first track by Gurtz (remixed by Abstract Groove) is from 2004 ish, as is the Pan/Tone remix. And it’s back to 2002 for one of Deadbeat’s early releases on a twitchy house tip. Some more recent stuff from the likes of Rod Modell / Deepchord and Sten (aka Lawrence) too. Finishing off, it’s something a bit more experimental from D’Arcangelo and one of my favourite tracks from their “Broken Toys Corner” album “X59”.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday July 3rd 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Street Player” – Alex Reece feat DJ Pulse & The Jazz Cartel // Al’s Records
“Desizres” – Aquasky // Moving Shadow
“Love & Happiness” – PFM // Looking Good
“Oceanography” – ASC // Subtle Audio
“Basic Principles” (Wax Doctor Rollout) – Alex Reece // Metalheadz
“Nightlife” – Jonny L // XL Recordings
“Fast & Loose” – Bliss n Tumble // Bear Necessities
“Black Camera” – Dan Harbarnam // Santorin
“Overhead Projections” – Blame // Good Looking
“Flying Again” – Spring Heel Jack // Rough Trade
“All Over” – Senses // Subtle Audio
“Down By The Sea” (PFM Remix) – St Etienne // Heavenly
“No Mystery” – Funky Technicians // Legend

Part 2:
“Kopfe” (Abstract Groove) – Gurtz // Sinergy Networks
“Cloud Over” – Rod Modell // Plop
“Chlorophyll” – Boxcutter // Planet Mu
“Adore” (Si-{cut}.db Remix) – Pan/Tone // BiP_HOp
“Chord Calculus” – Pendle Coven // Modern Love
“Miso” – Deadbeat // Revolver
“The Gate” – Sten // Dial
“Sunset” – Deepchord // Modern Love
“Only Memory Is A Good One” – Klute // Commercial Suicide
“X59” – D’Arcangelo // Rephlex