Saturday Jan 2nd 2010 Archive

The first Future Beats of 2010 ! Was away from my record collection for most of the holidays so didn’t get to do my usual review of the year gone on the show last Saturday – but still, lots of good beats to check !

Hour 1 is devoted to Drum & Bass / Jungle (as usual!) and includes something from a recent CD release from Canada’s Profane, a new Rephlex release by Macc & dgoHn (licenced from Subtle Audio) aswell as new releases from the Outsider and Exit labels and something from KMC’s vaults that was never officially released.

In hour 2 we get into some techno initally with beats from our favourite Detroit native at the moment, Omar S aswell as Manchester’s finest Andy Stott. Also featured on the 4/4 side of things are Aquatec, who are new to me but I definitely want to hear more of them if they continue to deliver quality like the new ‘Places’ album on Hydrographic.
Mordant Music weigh in with a techno / dubstep / electronica mish-mash called “SyMptoMs”. Also featured are a raft of recent dubstep releases by the likes of Elemental, Data, Silkie and something from my favourite dubstep 12″ of the year by Scanone. Expect to hear more from that in the 2009 round-up which should be next week !

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday Jan 2nd 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2 —>


Part 1 :
“Dangerous Days” – Seba // Warm Communications
“Lunapark” – Derrick & Tonika // Outsider
“Stoned Love” – Profane // Digital Wreka
“Naked Lunch” – Ed Rush & Optical // V Recordings
“Rise Up” – Reactiv // Fior Recordings
“11 Circles” – Consequence // Exit
“Red Dust” – Acid Lab // Breakfast Audio
“Corporate” – Sinistarr // Offshore Recordings
“Green Destiny” – Loxy // Digital Soundboy
“Sophine” – The Law // Repertoire
“Illuminism” – Nucleus & Paradox // Esoteric
“Go Back To Go Forward” – Calibre // Signature
“You Will Be” – Macc & dgoHn // Subtle Audio / Rephlex
“Nine Planets” – Electrosoul System // Kos.Mos.
“Coldflow” – KMC // Unreleased

Part 2 :
“Replace” – Andy Stott // Modern Love
“Buccaneer” – Jackmate // Phil E
“Infra Flux” – Aquatec // Hydrographic Audio
“Nikademas” – Omar S // FXHE
“Future Reference” – Kubra // AW Recordings
“SyMptoMs” (Version) – Mordant Music // Mordant Music
“Doors Of Perception” – Data // Tempa
“The Crossing” – Jus Wan // Tube 10
“Spring Dub” – Elemental // Runtime
“Pins” – Starkey // Dead Homies
“Minotaur” – Scanone // Yellow Machines
“Physics Impulse” – Headhunter // Tempa
“Beauty” – Silkie // Deep Medi Musik
“Falling Down A Dam Of Mashed Potatoes” – Lawrence // Novamute


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