Saturday Jan 30th 2010 Archive

After playing the best beats of 2009 in the two preceeding shows, we finally featured the first new beats of 2010 in the shape of “Periphereia” by Berlin’s Martsman this week. Released on vinyl on the Alphacut label this is one of my favourite things by the Berliner for awhile. Also in the the D&B section this week is SH1 who delivered one of my favourite tracks last year – “Bangalore”. Had to play it here as it didn’t feature in the 2009 review (why, I’m not quite sure!). Featured alot of recent releases too from the likes of Sabre, Ramadanman, Cloak & Dagger and the dream-team combinations of Digital & Outrage and Consequence & Instra:Mental.

In the second half of the show I tried to fit alot of material from last year that didn’t fit in with the house/techno/dubstep stuff I was playing in the ‘best of 2009’ feature. Dublin’s Naphta produced what was certainly one of the best pieces of music (full stop) I heard last year. ‘Democracy.Now’ is not the sort of LP you can play one track from though and I ended up playing 6 in a row here. The tracks blend into each other and it’s a real album in the sense that it makes more sense when you listen to it continuously rather than skipping from track to track. Maybe that’s why it’s a vinyl only release?! War is the theme and there’s a rich collage of samples and sounds relating to many of the conficts of the 20th century. An urgent rhythmic accompaniment holds everything together in what in is an intense hour long listen. ‘Democracy.Now’ tackles a subject that (until now) has been almost completely ignored by the electronic music community – I guess, it’s generally a genre that encourages escapism rather than political analysis but if this album is anything to go by then dance music could be the new Questions And Answers! Somewhat lighter entertainment comes in the form of Vince Mack Mahon’s self titled album. Deviant, Mikey Fingers, Tweek and Jimmy Penguin are the quartet of Irish Dj’s behind this amazing collection of scratches, beats, b-lines and samples realised with a real ‘live’ feel that makes this stand out. Grab it now on Nozl Records UK. The Monolake album finally arrived, albeit a week too late to fit into the best of 2009 shows, anyway – it’s here now and I intend to make the most of it, expect to hear this every week on the show for the next month! Good lot of dubstep featured this week aswell from the likes of EDMX, Shackleton, Kromestar, Hyetal & an old favourite on the show – “Vancouver” by Martyn.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday Jan 30th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2 —>


Part 1 :

“Decorum” – Sabre // Darkestral
“Bangalore” – SH1 // Santorin
“Mirror Image” – ASC // Unreleased
“Dangerous” – Alix Perez & Kemo // Soul:R
“Periphereia” – Martsman // Alphacut
“Innervoice” – Dj Trax // Audio Buffet
“Captive” – Spectrasoul // Deep Soul Music
“Last Look” – Noisia // Metalheadz
“Reflex Reaction” – Consequence & Instra:Mental // Exit
“Organisation Man” – Cloak & Dagger // Offshore
“Recess” – Angelzero // Warm Communications
“Razor Blade Runner” – ICR // Flatline Audio
“Reclaim” – Ramadanman // Critical
“Velvet Lawn” – Sabre // Scientific Wax
“Veta” – Digital & Outrage // Function

Part 2:
“Time Light Comes” – EDMX // Frijsfo Beats
“Moon Over Joseph’s Burial” – Shackleton // Perlon
“My Sound” – Kromestar // Dubstar
“Frontline” (Terror Danjah Remix) – Big-E-D // Planet Mu
“Vancouver” – Martyn // 3024
“Jarvik Mindstate” – Peverelist // Punch Drunk
“Sub Prime” – Scanone // Yellow Machines
“We Should Light A Fire” – Hyetal // Planet Mu
“Null Physics” – Dj Stingray 313 // Pomelo
“Uncertainty” – NSI // Non Standard Productions
“Radio Now Part 1” – Naphta // D1
“War Goes On” – Naphta // D1
“Game On Part 1” – Naphta // D1
“Pray For War” – Naphta // D1
“Shock Doc” – Naphta // D1
“Iraqification” – Naphta // D1
“Clap When It All Ends Will” – Vince Mack Mahon // Nozl
“Infinite Snow” – Monolake // Monolake / Computer Imbalance Music


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