Saturday Feb 6th 2010 Archive

Nice mixture of fresh stuff mixed up with some highlights from the last decade or so here. Hour 1 kicks off with a personal favourite of mine by Danny Breaks, from his (criminally) overlooked album, released in 2000 on Dj Hype’s Tru Playaz label. “Music For Martians And Other Extra Terresterials” is the name of the LP if you want some quality D&B and instrumental hip-hop in yer collection! Drum & Bass often struggles in the vocal department but I can recommend Lynx & Kemo’s recent “Raw Truth” album as one of those rarities where D&B and rhymes work well together. It’s followed by a track by Seba, from the days when he wasn’t getting the acclaim he really deserved.
Other new beats in the show include Russian Dissident on Irish based label Absys (shouts to Sho!), Stak 2 on Doc Scott’s 31 Records imprint and “Leviathan” by Meeca, a producer based in Ennis (of all places), Ireland. Grab his debut release now from the Subtle Audio site aswell as Beatport, Junodownload, Boomkat and Digital-Tunes.
We go all the way back to 1998 for Matrix’s revision of his own “Mute” originally released a few years earlier on Grooveriders “Prototype Years” compilation. It’s a quiet storm of rolling bass with some beautiful synth sounds and stepping beats. It might be 12 years old but this would fit in well with alot of the recent ‘Minimal D&B’ that’s getting hype at the moment. Breakage has a new album on the way but I think he’ll do well to better his 2006 debut LP on Bassbin. Check “Untitled Jungle” near the end of the first hour of this archive to hear why!

Hour 2 has recent beats from Khixbrrr, 2562, DJ Stringray, Elemental and Shackleton integrated with oldies from 2562 (“Moog Dub”) and Omar S with the haunting “Track #8” on his own FXHE label. This tune is something that stands out on the techno front – weird piano meanders over a jolting synth line, dark pads, gritty beats and a brooding bass. What I love about Omar S is the lo-fi (in a good way!) production and the organic feel he brings to this machine based music. I think this could be my favourite tune of his and that’s saying something with all the quality he’s produced in the last few years. If you’ve written off techno, do yourself a favour and listen to this! Last tune of the show is again reserved for Monolake – this new “Silence” album has a really unique sound – I can’t stop playing it! It has obviously been influenced (to a degree) by dubstep, seeing as most of the tracks run at 140 bpm but you’re not concious of listening to any style or genre while this plays (or, at least, I’m not!) – the album sounds more like a collage of sound than a type of dance music and it’s all the better for it. Highly recommended listening.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday Feb 6th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2 —>


Part 1 :
“Aquatica” – Danny Breaks // Tru Playaz
“Global Enemies” – Lynx & Kemo // Soul:R
“I/O Operations” – Seba // Idioma
“Dropshadow Diseases” – Dissident // Absys
“Sight Unseen” – Stak 2 // 31 Records
“Thugtronik” – Instra:Mental // Exit
“Clouds Over Memphis” – Fracture & Neptune // Subvert Central
“The Crest” – Sabre // Critical
“Snow Man” – Felix K // Hidden Hawaii
“Mute ’98” – Matrix // Prototype
“Yeah You Know” – Andy Skopes // Uncertified
“Untitled Jungle” – Breakage // Bassbin
“Leviathan” – Mecca // Subtle Audio Digital

Part 2:
“Fairies” (Helixir Remix) – Khixbrrr // Northern General
“Track #8” – Omar S // FXHE
“Energy Fields” (Shed’s Ride Disturbance Mix) – Taho // Delsin
“Our Loss” – FaltyDL // Planet Mu
“Flashback” – 2562 // Tectonic
“Null Physics” – Dj Stingray 313 // Pomelo
“It’s Time For Love” – Shackleton // Perlon
“Orca” – ScanOne // Combat
“Moog Dub” – 2562 // Tectonic
“Talk” – Elemental // Runtime
“In Motion” – Headhunter // Tempa
“Kingdom” – Untold // Hessle Audio
“Internal Clock” – Monolake // Monolake / Computer Imbalance Music


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  1. Some pretty DOPE shit you got here!

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