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Onto part 2 of the warm-up for the Nu Killa Beats 10th Birthday Bash !
This show involved almost the entire Nu Killa Kru – myself, Bee, Roller T, Mecca, Deep Cut, Leon and The Evil Grin looking back a 10 year history of bringing the sounds of Drum & Bass and Jungle to Limerick City. Sadly Lymer and Cain are overseas at the moment and couldn’t be with us, but they’ll be back for the last gig we’re doing under the Nu Killa Beats banner this Saturday, March 6th at the Underground, Baker Place, Limerick.

I’m not going to go into a big spiel here (I can hear you celebrating) – but basically this show represents the different styles of D&B/Jungle that each member of the Nu Killa Kru brings to the table – everyone got to play a few tracks each in a marathon back 2 back 2 back session. It’s mostly oldies but then we’re looking back on 10 years of the nights existence in Limerick and we’ve all been collecting even longer than that, so whaddya expect! There are a few interviews too, with Leon, Mecca & The Evil Grin giving some opinions and recalling some tales.

Okay, without further ado, here are the download links :

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday Feb 27th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2 —>


Part 1 :
Roller T
“No Diggidy” – Dope Skillz // True Playaz
“Night Flight” – Shimon & Andy C // Ram Records
“What Does It Mean” – Prisoners Of Technology // Fresh Kutt
Deep Cut
“Turbulence” – Moving Fusion // Ram Records
“Turntable 1” – Brockie & Ed Solo // Undiluted
“Mars” – Brockie & Ed Solo // True Playaz
“Super Sharp Shooter” – Dj Zinc // Parouisa
“Quest” – Shimon & Andy C // Ram Records
“Who Is It?” – Firefox & Suvivor // Philly Blunt
“Mission Accomplished” – Digital & Spirit // Razors Edge
“Sgt General” (Wayz Of The Dragon Album) – 3 Way // Dope Dragon
“War & Peace” – Dj Die & Suv // V Recordings
“Dead By Dawn” – Future Forces // Renegade Hardware
“The Execution” – Dj Gwange & Spinback // Legend
“Feel It” – Lemon D // Conqueror
The Evil Grin
“Heaven” – Skanna // Skanna

Part 2:
Roller T
“Delikutt Beats” – Prisoners Of Technology // Fresh Kutt
“2 Degrees” – Trend // Kartoonz
“Busted” – Future Cut // Renegade Hardware
“The Unofficial Ghost” – Doc Scott // Metalheadz
“Rogue” – Instra:Mental // Darkestral
“Circular Structure” – Resound // Counter Intelligence
Deep Cut
“Odyssey” – Total Science // Reinforced
“Raygun” – Spirit // Function
“26 Bass” – Roni Size // Full Cycle
“Blacklash” – Digital & Spirit // Phantom Audio
“Concrete Shoes” – Dom & Optical // Audio Couture
“Alien Girl” – Ed Rush, Optical & Fierce // Prototype
“New World Order” – Konflict // Renegade Hardware
“Who Wants Some?” – Density // Punctured Light
“Plankton” – Facs & Dylan // Biotic
“Silver Blade” – Dillinja // Prototype


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