Saturday March 6th 2010 Archive

And so after 2 weeks of all out D&B / Jungle on Future Beats, we revert to playing Dubstep / Techno & Electronica aswell as the 160+ bpm breakbeat stuff. For the record, the Nu Killa Beats 10th Birthday Bash (the gig we were warming up for on this show over the last few weeks) was a blast ! Over 150 people turned up and were treated to a what’s what of D&B and Jungle from 1992 – 2010. Shouts to Bee, Roller T, Mecca, Deep Cut, Cain, Lymer, Leon & the Iree MC aswell as all the regulars, randomers and travellers that showed up last Saturday 6th of March.

So, as I say, back to a more familiar format in this archive. In hour 1 we feature fresh D&B beats recently released by Aaron Jay & Lynx, Martsman and Icicle aswell as unreleased material from Russia’s Dissident and Iceland’s Muted. The Future Beats spotlight is on a little known digital EP release on the Golden Orb label, based in Australia. “Contact” by D-Fect (UK) is a tune heavily influenced by the oldskool and is all the better for it – really positive vibes here. I recently picked up a track from 2002 by a duo that are best known for their work in the mid to late nineties on labels like SOUR and Emotif – Elementz Of Noize. I knew about this release at the time but never managed to get a copy till now – worth the wait though – again, postive vibes with solid breakbeats and basslines – the ruff with the smooth.

Hour 2 kicks off with a track taken from one of the best Dubstep long players I heard in 2009. DFRNT’s “Metafiction”, released by On The Edge, doesn’t seem to have garnered much attention from what I can see but if certainly deserves some. Lovely atmospherics and interesting beats that avoid the ‘singular massive snare’ approach that can become tedious. Also featured is the aforementioned Bee from Limerick, here providing some quality Dubstep sounds due for a vinyl release very soon on Ireland’s Dubculture imprint, keep yer eyes peeled for “Dark Whisper”. L-ow joins label compatriot DFRNT in the mix with the synth led “Moment Of Truth”. Recent album releases from Elemental and Shackleton are in here too and there’s a third track from the On The Edge stable. This time it’s V.I.V.E.K delivering some quality synthy/wobbley/atmospheric-y sounds on “Natural Mystic”, released 3 years ago at this stage but still sounding fresh. Getting slightly mellower, there’s a downtempo track from Alix Perez’s recent (and mostly D&B flavoured) album “1984”. He’s joined by Lynx & The Truth on the serene “No Grudge”. Last in the dubstep section of hour 2 is Vaccine’s version of another D&B related release by Sub on the Subtle Audio label called “Skadi”. For the last 2 tunes the tempo is dropped and we take music from German based artists Thomas Fehlmann & NSI on the electronica and house/techno tip respectively. Enjoy!

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday March 6th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2 —>

Part 1 :
“Guided By Lights” – Elementz Of Noize // Emotif
“Newport” – Naibu // Soul:R
“Mule” – Aaron Jay & Lynx // 31 Records
“Unwritten Book” – Dissident // Unreleased
“Soul Survivor” – Spirit // Metalheadz
“Periphereia” – Martsman // Alphacut
“Cold Fear” – Icicle // Shogun Audio
“Over Night” – PLK // Breakfast Audio
“Blue Mountain” – Breakage // Critical
“Contact” – D-Fect // Golden Orb
“Aeiro” – Martsman // Breakin
“Stratocumulus” – Muted // Modern Urban Jazz – Unreleased

Part 2:
“Dark Jazz” – DFRNT // On The Edge
“Dark Whisper” – K3Bee // Dubculture – Unreleased
“Moment Of Truth” – L-ow // On The Edge
“Mosaix” – Pangaea // Hotflush
“Moon Over Josephs Burial” – Shackleton // Perlon
“Natural Mystic” – V.i.v.e.k // On The Edge
“Blob” – Elemental // Runtime
“No Grudge” – Alix Perez Feat. The Truth & Lynx // Shogun Audio
“Skadi” (Vaccine Dubstep Remix) – Sub // Subtle Audio
“Charlie’s Angels” (Thomas Felhmann Remix) – Charles Wilp // Apollo
“Bridge And Tunnel People” – NSI // Ostgut Ton


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