Saturday March 13th 2010 Archive

Rounded up alot of new and (relatively) recent releases from the D&B shelves in this show. The newest beats are from Blu Mar Ten, Sight Unseen, Mecca, Eschaton aswell as Infest & Quasi. You can grab Mecca’s “Power Of One” tune for free from Absys Records, likewise, there’s a free album called “Solace” by Eschaton available from Digibeat Music which features “15 Years Later”. The rest of the material is from the last year or two, artists like Dissident, Loxy & Ink and two brillant remixes courtesy of D&B’s Hero-alikes, Martsman and Ramadanman.

I felt like I’d been neglecting the house and techno tempos of late, so there’s a good deal of 120 – 130 bpm stuff here. New releases from Posthuman and Aubrey are featured and I finally got the “Keys, Strings, Tambourines” Album by Kenny Larkin (one of my favourite techno producers) – “Bass Mode” is the first of a few tracks you’re going to be hearing on the show over the next while. “No More Borders” is apparantely the only track the versatile Herbert has ever made with a 303 – read that somewhere recently but correct me if I’m (they’re) wrong! Apparantly this was made around the time of his 1996 album “100 lbs” but was only made available ten years later on the bonus disc of the re-released version of that album. As I’ve said before on this blog, there are some very interesting tunes appearing as a result of the blurring of lines between dubstep & techno. Martyn’s “Megadrive Generation”, Millie’s “Gunshot” and AQF’s “Born & Raised” are 3 good examples. There’s also some more traditional dubstep from Kryptic Minds, Skream and new artist Foniqz on the impressive Hed:Remote label as the 2nd hour progresses. The show ends with some recent electronica from Aardvarck and “Alles Ist Schon” from the classic mid nineties album “Pomme Fritz” by the Orb. Hope you enjoy…

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday March 13th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2 —>

Part 1 :
“Above Words” – Blu Mar Ten // Blu Mar Ten
“Staks 2” – Sight Unseen // 31 Records
“Power Of One” – Mecca // Absys
“Alluvion” – Electrosoul System // Camino Blue
“15 Years Later” – Eschaton // Digibeat Music
“Mercury” – Infest & Quasi // Repertoire
“Oneiroid Pychosis” – Dissident // Subtle Audio
“Amazon” – Loxy & Ink // Shogun Audio
“One Love” – Lynx & Kemo // Soul:R
“1000 Thrones” (Fanu Remix) – Vector Burn // Lightless
“Recess” (Martsman Remix) – Angelzero // Warm Communications
“Organiser” (Ramadanman Remix) – Spectrasoul // Critical

Part 2:
“Europa Sky” – Posthuman // Unchartered Audio
“Clock Warp” – Aubrey // Irdial
“Bass Mode” – Kenny Larkin // Planet E
“Megadrive Generation” – Martyn // Hyperdub
“No More Borders” – Herbert // !K7
“Gunshot” (Stripped) – Millie // Daphne
“Geometrical” – Go Hiyama // Audio Assault
“Born And Raised” (Version) – AQF // AQF
“One Of Us” – Kryptic Minds // Swamp 81
“Skake It” – Skream // Tempa
“Smudj” – Foniqz // Hed:Remote
“Duntit” – Aardvarck // Eat Concrete
“Alles Ist Schon” – The Orb // Island


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