Saturday March 27th 2010 Archive

Only a 1 hour broadcast on March 27th (which I didn’t realise till after i announced a 2 hour show at the start!) as the clocks went forward for European Summer Time. To make up for the lack of air time, we squeezed in a few pre-release exclusives aswell as a few things that are (just about) in the shops.

The first of the exclusives is something forthcoming on a new subsidiary of the Darkestral empire called Darkestral Galaxicos. “Higher” by Pearson Sound is quirky D&B at it’s best with a vocal that reminds me of something from a musical and there’s some strange sounding percussion too. Distinctive sounds from the alter ego of Ramadanman. The other preview you’re getting here is taken from the forthcoming “839” album by Justice & Metro. Justice has been making D&B from day dot both solo and as part of the Blame & Justice team on the Moving Shadow label aswell as The Icons (check “Emotions With Intellect” their classic album from the mid-nineties). This latest project with new-gun Metro is up there with his former glories, grab it once it’s out !

Two new releases which have just hit the shops are included here, the first see’s Rockwell finally follow up his debut last year with the ‘Noir’ EP. Maybe not quite as essential as “Underpass” but still, some high quality glitchy-ness with more interesting beat patterns than alot of what passes as “cutting edge” D&B these days. The second new release is from another new artist called Mode who delivers a nicely airy, mellow slab of beats and bass with “Stats” on the Ingredients label who continue their high quality control standards with this one.

Aswell as bringing the new stuff there are a few older classics in here from Danny Breaks amazing album “Vibrations” and also something from an album that still stands as one of the best tech-y D&B long players to date after 12 years – “Wormhole” by Ed Rush & Optical.

Manchester’s Perfect Combination has been quiet for awhile now… his tunes were always very underrated and “Stranded” is definitely something that should have been more appreciated. Bill Riley, who used to record for the Full Cycle camp is also sadly missed and “Closing In” (featured here) was one of his finest moments. Out of that and into something by Reactiv. Despite his age, this guy exhibits an obvious old-skool influence in his productions – a name to watch if you like plenty of interesting breakbeat patterns with fluid basslines and atmospherics.

Finally, I just want to mention Sileni’s “Daytime Jackhammering”. This track absolutely kills me and if you do too and are looking for it there are brand new vinyl copies of “Subvert Central Vol II” on sale here at a reduced price. You’ll also get amazing tracks from Fracture & Neptune and Dissident too, so well worth the moolah !

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday March 27th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Part 1:
“Outro” – Danny Breaks // Tru Playaz
“Higher” – Pearson Sound (aka Ramadanman) // Darkestral Galaxicos – Unreleased
“EightSix” – ST Files // Soul:R
“The Resolution” – Alix Perez // Shogun Audio
“Compound” – Ed Rush & Optical // Virus
“Tribes” – Rockwell // Critical
“Breakin Through” – Commix // 31 Records
“Stranded” – Perfect Combination // Beeswax
“Shatter” – Reactiv // Breakfast Audio
“Closing In” – Bill Riley // Full Cycle
“Daytime Jackhammering” – Sileni // Subvert Central
“Stats” – Mode // Ingredients
“Playloop” – Justice & Metro // Modern Urban Jazz – Unreleased


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