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There was a good bit of variety over the 2 hours of this broadcast on April 10th. Within the D&B section some old gems from the likes of Polska, Morphy (remixing Scottish band ‘Weird Attractors’) and Amit were played alongside more recent material from the likes of Acid Lab and Dj Trax aswell as an exclusive track from FD & Script on Total’s Science’s CIA Deep Kut label, due in the next few months. Been digging alot of the tech-y D&B again recently, mainly due to the fact that some of the stuff coming out these days isn’t as overbearingly aggressive and noisy as was the case for the last few years. Fracture’s remix of TVG Hates TVG on the excellent Pinecone Moonshine label is another good example of the kind of tech-y beats I dig.

Speaking of Polska, the Irish producer has been quiet since the release of his first album “Skeptic” on Make:Shift Records back in 2006 but I can tell you his follow-up long player “2nd Rate” is just about to drop on Subtle Audio. Watch out for a special feature on the Subtle Audio label next week which will feature some of his album tracks aswell as some other forthcoming releases on the imprint.

Breakage’s new album “Foundation” has some good moments, but I still find myself reaching for his older material, like “Come Back” (as featured here) – such a poignant tune. Following it is a beautifully restrained remix of Dj Trax by Sub. Sub is the man behind the influential Syncopathic label and is also about to release a new 12″ on Subtle Audio in May – more on that in next week’s show. The first hour ends with some tribal atmospherics courtesy of St. Petersburg’s San.Dra.

Into hour 2, and it kicks off with one of senior members of the electronic music fraternity, Thomas Fehlmann. Coincidentally, the day after this broadcast, Resident Advisor posted a podcast compiled by the man himself. I haven’t checked it yet, but with the inclusion of people like Carl Craig, Move D and The Orb I’m sure it’s good! The “Hermosa” track featured here is over ten years old but doesn’t show it’s age at all. Like all the Thomas Fehlmann productions I’ve heard this is beautifully expressive electronica.

Following the master are young guns 2562 and F, certainly two of the most interesting producers around at the moment. “Basin Dub” is one of my favourite tracks from 2562’s debut album – “Aerial” and “0907” is a typically energetic slab of dubstep-techno from F’s recent “Energy Distortion”. Love the attention to percussive detail in F’s work, something I’d like to hear more of at 140 bpm. The next new release comes in the form of “Free Fall” by Foniqz. The vivid synths and pads make this one stand out from the crowd.

Next up, Caspa! Yes, CASPA! I know – I didn’t think I’d be typing that name into a tracklist on this blog either. But I was sent a promo CD for the “Everybodys Talking, Nobody’s Listening!” album on Fabric and the very last tune on it “Back to ’93” is really good. As the title suggests, this is inspired by the sounds of the early nineties and Jungle / D&B in particular. Check it! More dubstep and pesudo-dubstep from the likes of Distance, Elemental, Untold and Peverelist features before the pace changes with some 110 bpm electronica / breakbeat / techno for the last twenty minutes.

It’s been good to have the Black Dog back on the scene with one of the original members of the outfit (Ken Downie) teaming up with the Dust brothers (Richard and Martin) to bring the alias back to life. “Biomantric L-if-e” is one of the more chilled tracks from their latest album “Further Vexations” released last year. Next up is a piece of atmospheric breakbeat from Andrea Parker’s 2007 album “Here’s One I Made Earlier” and it’s followed by some atmospheric tech-house from Claro Intelecto. Finishing the show are the classic strings and brass of “Prima Materia” by Glasgow’s Alex Smoke. You can this isn’t played by a real orchestra, but when machines can emote like this, who cares!

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday April 10th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Swept” – Polska // Inperspective
“Arrival” (Morphy Boombastic Remix) – Weird Attractors // Earshot
“Back Again” – Survival // Integral
“Down In The Woods” – Randomer // Alphacut
“Roots” – Amit // Commercial Suicide
“Rusted Instruments” (Fracture Remix) – TVG Hates TVG // Pinecone Moonshine
“Stay Calm” -Rockwell // Critical
“White Horse” – FD & Script // CIA Deep Kut Promo
“Is This Real ?” – Rufige Kru // Exit
“Red Dust” – Acid Lab // Breakfast Audio
“Come Back” – Breakage // Bassbin
“Shady” (Sub Bitcrushermix) – Dj Trax // Audio Buffet
“Shaman” – San.Dra // Subtle Audio Digital

Part 2:
“Hermosa” – Thomann Fehlmann // Apollo
“Basin Dub” – 2562 // Tectonic
“0907” – F // 7even
“Free Fall” – Foniqz // Hed:Remote
“Back To ’93” – Caspa // Fabric
“Loosen My Grip” // Distance – Planet Mu
“Talk” – Elemental // Runtime
“Just For You” – Untold // Hotflush
“Esperanto” – Peverelist // Punch Drunk
“Biomantric L-if-e” – The Black Dog // Soma
“Undercurrents” – Andrea Parker // Touchin’ Bass
“Before My Eyes” – Claro Intelecto // Modern Love
“Prima Materia” – Alex Smoke // Soma


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