Saturday April 17th 2010 Archive

With a highly anticipated album release by Irish producer Polska immiment and a recent long player by Kontext (aka Dissident) receiving glowing reviews I thought it was a good time to spotlight Subtle Audio Recordings and Immerse Records, the labels responsible for making the music public.

Hour 1 is mostly reserved for beats from the Subtle Audio camp, a Drum & Bass label that favours the experimental and breakbeat-driven sides of the genre. Exclusive tracks (including a great remix by Equinox) from the vinyl installment of Polska’s “2nd Rate” project feature here aswell as another forthcoming release on the imprint by Austria’s Sub. A few older Subtle Audio releases are included too from the likes of Nebula, Mecca and Dissident.

Sabre’s two stepping “Language Barrier” straightens the line after the breakbeat bonanza of the first twenty minutes or so and then Alaska & Paradox’s “Zion” brings the breaks back to the forefront. Next it’s onto some tech-y sounds with Icicle and PLK. I mentioned last week that I was enjoying alot of this kind of D&B at the moment and “Cold Fear” and “Ivory” show just why this style is finding it’s way back into my bag. Continuing with another exclusive – “Midnight Star” by Reactiv is due for release on the Scientific Wax label in the next few weeks. Combining breakbeat, atmospheric and tech-y sounds, this is a fresh sound and one I really like. Also fresh (and FREE!) is “Lost Shadow” by D-Bridge. This was apparantly slated for release on the Shogun Audio label but now is available as a free download. Grab it from D-Bridge’s Blog here . If you like weird D&D you’ll love this !

In the second hour we move the focus onto the Immerse label and beats around the 120 – 140 bpm tempo. As previously mentioned, Kontext’s album “Dissociate” is available on vinyl and as a download on the Immerse label right now. We feature four tracks from it here which range from Dubstep and Techno to Downtempo Electronica. I like albums with a bit of range and “Dissociate” certainly has that! Apart from the Kontext release we also have some forthcoming releases and back catalogue from the Immerse camp. The first of the fresh bits is a collaboration between label owner Kidkut and Gatekeeper and there’s also something from a producer called Asusu.

Just to keep it interesting there’s a few other labels / producers featured, watch out for F, Untold, Pangaea, Heny.G and another track by Asusu, this time on a new label called ‘Project Squared’. There’s also quirky techno from Kenny Larkin towards the end before some 120 bpm business from the versatile Sub takes it down a notch. The show ends with one of the mellowest cuts from the Kontext album – “On The Bottom Of The Glass”.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday April 17th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Halleluja” – Sub // Subtle Audio
“Oneiroid Pychosis” – Dissident // Subtle Audio
“Leviathan” – Mecca // Subtle Audio Digital
“Prototype Chords” – Nebula // Subtle Audio
“Setplace” – Polska // Subtle Audio
“Language Barrier” – Sabre // Horizons
“Zion” – Alaska & Paradox // Paradox Music
“Cold Fear” – Icicle // Shogun
“Ivory” – PLK // Breakfast Audio
“Outvert” (Equinox Retrospective Remix) – Polska // Subtle Audio
“Midnight Star” – Reactiv // Scientific Wax
“Lost Shadow” – D-Bridge // Free Download
“Tensions” – Sub // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“Shift” – F // 7even
“Clinch” – Kontext // Immerse
“000” – XI // Immerse
“Yukon” – Untold // Hemlock
“Aeromonarchs Attacks” – Kontext // Immerse
“Small Hours” – Asusu // Project Squared
“Code Red” – Kidkut & Gatekeeper // Immerse Promo
“Arena 1” – DJ Heny.G // Gangsta Boogie Music
“You & I” – Pangaea // Hessle Audio
“Togetherness” – Asusu // Immerse Promo
“Ocean In The Bathroom” – Kontext // Immerse
“Vibin’ ” – Kenny Larkin // Planet E
“Hydra” – Sub // Subtle Audio
“On The Bottom Of The Glass” – Kontext // Immerse


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  1. very very nice Code, always bringing a nice dose of dnb, cheers from México!

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