Saturday April 24th 2010 Archive

This latest archive features everything from forthcoming bits and new releases to freebies and golden oldies. In hour one the recent releases include material by (the criminally underrated) TGM, Rockwell, Icicle, Ricky Force, Consequence and Justice & Metro. You’ve probably noticed that Shogun Audio releases are starting to feature alot more in the show these days, and why not – alot of good dancefloor beats from that camp these days. Icicle’s “Minimal Funk” is a tribal half stepper that finds a balance often beyond many D&B producers in being heavy but yet not overly aggressive.

This weeks exclusive D&B comes in the shape of Flatliners “Since You”, due for release on Breakfast Audio in the near future – a nicely melodic piece with sparse (but not boring!) beats. The oldies featured are from 1997 & 2004 respectively. Decoder & Technical Itch team up for a bassline led 2 stepper called “Red Box” – loved the stuff these 2 were coming up with around this time. Paradox’s “Our Future Is Extinction” is 6 years old now apparently! Never would have thought it. Beautiful combination of atmospherics & beats on this one, as there is on Nebula’s remix of Sub’s “Skadi” which follows.

I have mentioned (and played) music from Consequence aswell as Justice & Metro many times before but their albums just aren’t getting old, so this show features more from “Live For Never” and “839” respectively. For those of you that want new beats but are short on $$$ at the moment, you’ll be glad to hear that 2 of the tracks in this weeks archive are available for free ! The links are in the tracklisting below… two quality productions by Ricky Force and former Good Looking artist, KMC.

Onto hour 2. Some absolutely beautiful new techno, dubstep & electro for you here. First up, some positive dubstep vibes from Kromestar with “Pass The Light” from his “My Sound” album. Then more from F’s new album, which I’ve been caning for the last month or so. I love when Skream makes trippy headspace stuff, like “Sweetz” for example. This was just released on the Keysound label (despite the fact that it’s sub-titled the ‘2005 flex’). Either way, more of this kind of thing please! Next up, some breakbeat driven ruffidge by Appleblim & Gatekeeper on Immerse. Again would love to hear more of this sound.

Headhunters “Nomad” release is a compilation of his vinyl releases on the Tempa label and a year on I’m still going back to it. It’s right up there as one of the best collections of tunes by a Dubstep producer that I’ve heard. “Prototypes” is one of the many highlights on this beauty. Next up, some more brand new beats, this time from Mark Pritchard (of Harmonic 313 / Global Communciation fame). This is taken from a collaboration release he did with Steve Spacek under the name Africa Hitech. I’m not big on vocals in general, so I’ve gone for the instrumental mix here – irratic-step! Have to mention Hyetal’s “We Should Start A Fire” aswell. It’s a pretty epic techno/dubstep combination that you may have missed as it’s only available on the Mary Anne Hobbs compiled “Wild Angels” album. Finishing off the dubstep related stuff is 2562 with “Love In Outer Space” from his brillant album “Unbalance”.

Lowering the tempo but not the quality we get into one of the best new labels around – Daphne. The latest release is a solo effort from Andrea – the “Got To Forget” track is my favourite, check it here. And then into maybe my favourite new tune this month. Cosmin TRG’s “Groove Control” is a sumptuous slice of Detroit influenced techno soul. Chills. How do you follow something like that? Well, B12 have a better chance of doing it than most. Great to see these guys back making beats again in the last few years after a long hiatius. “Magnetic Fields” is taken from “The Last Days Of Silence” album released in 2008. And so to the mysterious AQF. Checking his website will tell you straight away that this is not any ordinary techno producer. It seems he’s been working on an audio / visual projects for the Osaka airport in Japan amongst other things (I’m not sure if it actually got played there – but either way it’s interesting!). His techno inspired releases on his own AQF label are no less ambitious, can’t wait to hear the next installment.

The omni-present Surgeon has been pricking ears all over the world with DJ-sets of well programmed eclecticism. His remix of Moderat’s “Seamonkey”  is a long dark tunnel of 4/4 beats, breaks and revolving synths – superb! Following up is Kontext (who’s recent album “Dissociate” was featured in the previous archive) with “Falling To Weightlessness”. Some sweet glitchy atmospheric techno here – his debut 12″ release on Immerse Records.

The final word goes to Jimmy The Hideous Penguin, an Irish artist that has done wonders for progressing scratching as a musical aesthetic. Check out the free albums on his myspace. This tune is a bit of departure from his scratch style, but is just as inspired. Piano led electro beats – “Piano Core” (could we have another new genre here ??!!! haha)

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday April 24th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Call To Mind” – Commix // Metalheadz
“Airwaves” – TGM // Basswerk
“Stay Calm” – Rockwell // Critical
“Since You” – Flatliners // Breakfast Audio Promo
“Lisys” – Senses & Survival // Horizons
“Red Box” – Decoder & Tech Itch // Technical Itch
“Clissold” – Fracture & Neptune // Astrophonica
“Minimal Funk” – Icicle // Shogun
“Our Future Is Extinction” – Paradox // Paradox Music
“Skadi” (Nebula Blue Notes Remix) – Sub // Subtle Audio
“Dreams” – Ricky Force // Absys Free Download
“A Man And A Woman” – Consequence // Exit
“Coldflow” – KMC // Free Download
“Soloman” – Justice & Metro // Modern Urban Jazz

Part 2:
“Pass The Light” – Kromestar // Dubstar
“Chillin” – F // 7even
“Sweetz” (2005 Flex) – Skream // Keysound
“Tomb” (Gatekeeper VIP) – Appleblim & Gatekeeper // Immerse
“Prototypes” – Headhunter // Tempa
“Blen” (Instrumental) – Africa Hitech // Warp
“Dedale” – Headhunter & F // Transistor
“We Should Light A Fire” – Hyetal // Planet Mu
“Love In Outer Space” – 2562 // Tectonic
“Got To Forget” – Andrea // Daphne
“Groove Control” – Cosmin TRG // Rush Hour
“Magnetic Fields” – B12 // B12
“Indust Thus Mountains” – AQF // AQF
“Seamonkey” (Surgeon Remix) – Moderat // BPitch Control
“Falling To Weightlessness” – Kontext // Immerse
“Piano Core” – Jimmy The Hideous Penguin // Unreleased


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  1. respect to code, great show thaks for all the support 🙂

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