Saturday May 15th 2010 Archive

Nothing brand spanking new in the Drum & Bass hour in this show, but lots of tunes from the last few months aswell as some oldies that still sound fresh. Kicking off with the organic sounds of Dj Trax, Dan Harbarnam & Alaska (aka Paradox) we then move into slightly tech-ier territory with the sounds of D-Bridge and Martsman. Next “Clouds Over Memphis” by Fracture & Neptune, this is one of my favourite tunes by this London duo (and that’s saying something). Released on the self-distributed, non-profit Subvert Central label as part of an excellent 3×12″ vinyl only release (also featuring the likes of Sileni, Dissident and Uzhas) you can still pick up this limited 300 copy pressing – check here for a special promotion.

Moving onto Soul Intent’s debut release from 2007 – “Jus Vibe” is still one of my favourite tunes from this producer based in Nottingham, UK. This half-stepper balances subtlety and aggression beautifully. Senses & Survival bring positive vibes on their collaboration release on Horizons Music. Love the synth / pad combinations on “Lisys”.

Next we get into something released on a recently launched Irish label called “Ruff Revival“. Though the label is new, the names behind it are not – it’s run by long time purveyors of all things bass-driven (and beyond!) Droid & Slug with a helping hand from the legendary Naphta. “Fully Loaded” is Naphta’s first release since his amazing beat-driven war commentary “Democracy.Now”. Here he’s back in the proto-jungle style reminiscent of some of the tracks on the “Long Time Burning” album. Watch out for the twist-up beats at the end!

Then some classics on the Reinforced Records label from Marcus Intalex & ST Files (remixing 4 Hero) and Alpha Omega’s “Nubian Minds”. In between them, something more recent from Aaron Jay & Lynx on Doc Scott’s 31 Records. The first hour ends with Goldie’s remix of Bjork’s “Isobel”. If only all celebrity couples could give the world something this interesting. (well, they were a couple around the time this was released anyway).

The second hour kicks off with some quirky, off-key house by Omar S under his Oasis alias. Then something from a recent album by Ripperton called “Niwa”. I played “The Hill”, a track exclusive to the vinyl version of the album on the show before and the mix of “Echocity” featured here is different to the version on the CD / Download. It might be worth digging out that old turntable if you’ve ditched it for an mp3 player recently.

Brand new material this week from 2562 under his A Made Up Sound alias. Love this 303 led remix of Basic Soul Unit. Following this are the vibrant synths of Lawrence’s “Neither”, released a few years ago on the Dial label. Into another favourite producer who straddles the techno / house divide (filthy animal!) – Andy Stott. “Replace” is taken from the brillant “Unknown Exception” a CD compilation released on Manchester’s Modern Love label. If you missed some of his vinyl releases over the last few years, then this CD is a good way to catch up. Shed’s remix of Taho’s “Energy Fields” featured in our best of 2009 round-up and it’s featured here again, still hasn’t got old! Then onto a new name (for me at least) – Conforce, been digging the noises I’ve been hearing from this Dutch producer. Check “Junction” here if you never heard of him.

Kontext and Arne Weinberg serve as the bridge between the techno and dubstep styles in this hour and then the dubstep beats come from Relocate (remixing the aforementioned Kontext) and (yet again!) something from F’s recent album “Energy Distortion”.

The show ends with something I got a few months ago but never got around to playing. “You Know” by Burnkane is a weird (but good!) indie meets dubstep thing. You can always rely on Planet Mu to bring an interesting angle to proceedings.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday May 15th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Heaven’s Gate” – Dj Trax featuring Becki Biggins // Audio Buffet
“Zoom Black Camera” – Dan Harbarnam // Santorin
“Afterlife” – Alaska // 13 Music
“The Fortunate Fool” – D-Bridge // Exit
“Periphereia” – Martsman // Alphacut
“Clouds Over Memphis” – Fracture & Neptune // Subvert Central
“Jus Vibe” – Soul Intent // Blindside
“Lisys” – Senses & Survival // Horizons
“Fully Loaded” – Naphta // Ruff Revival
“A Better Place” (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) – 4 Hero // Reinforced
“Mule” – Aaron Jay & Lynx // 31 Records
“Nubian Minds” – Alpha Omega // Reinforced
“Isobel’s Lonely Heart” (Goldie Remix) – Bjork // One Little Indian

Part 2:
“Detroit #1” – Oasis // FXHE
“Echocity” (Vinyl Version) – Ripperton // Green
“Jak´d Freq” (A Made Up Sound – Puur Natuur Mix) – Basic Soul Unit // Crème Organization
“Neither” – Lawrence // Dial
“Replace” – Andy Stott // Modern Love
“Energy Fields” (Shed’s Ride Disturbance Mix) – Taho // Delsin
“Junction” (Peak Mix) – Conforce // Rush Hour
“Ocean In The Bathroom” – Kontext // Immerse
“Isis” – Arne Weinberg // AW Recordings
“Plumes” (Relocate Remix) – Kontext // Immerse
“0907” – F // 7even
“You Know” – Burnkane // Planet Mu


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