Saturday May 22nd 2010 Archive

Mostly new material this week and the first hour features recent cuts from the likes of Es.Stereo, Ultracode (Download “Deep East Vol II” EP for free here), Bop (remixed by Subwave), Rockwell and Paranoid Society.

I recently caught up on some of the releases on the Amen Brothers label and the Es.Stereo track here is a good example of the kind of quality they’re releasing. Check a very good free track by Format None they are offering through Juno Records here.

Bop’s “Clear Your Mind” album was released last year on Med School (a subsidary of Hospital Records). If you like clicks, bleeps & atmospherics then it will be right up your street. “Forms, Ideas And Chips”, the last track of the first hour will give you a taster of what the full length album is about. There’s a new remix EP out now called “Remix Your Mind”. Subwave’s version of “Song About My Dog” is one of my favourites from that and that’s featured here too.

Following that something slightly tougher and more sinister from Fracture & Neptune’s Astrophonica imprint. “Hull Breach” came out at the end of last year and is one of my favourite tunes from the three 12″s on their label so far. Next up is Rockwell on a slightly more militant tip than usual. “Drums” is a bit more hectic and full-on than some of the stuff he’s released to date but it’s nice to see him diversify.

“Vice” by Calibre is nine years old at this stage but it’s still one of the best things he’s done in my opinion. Macc’s mournful “4L + N” is a few years old at this stage too but it doesn’t show it’s age at all. Produced at 164 bpm it’s a good deal slower than most modern D&B and this allows for greater subtlety in the drum arrangement. More beats around this tempo would be good !

Alphacut is going from strength to strength and they’ve already released 5 12″ vinyls since the turn of the year. Paranoid Society’s “Swimming In The Booze” has a queasy bassline, no doubt inspiring the title. Really love the synths in this one too.

Into hour 2 and it starts with a track from a guy creating a bit of a stir at the moment, Scotland’s Loops Haunt. “Rubber Sun Grenade” is the title track from a recent 4 track EP on Fortified Audio. It’s a little more conventional than the rest of the release but there’s still plenty of quirkiness to enjoy.

The newest material in this hour comes from Blawan on Hessle Audio, Scuba on Hotflush, Headhunter & Djunya on Surefire Sound and Kiat & Alley Cat on Kokeshi. Some excellent dubstep doing the rounds at the moment and these are a few of my favourites released in the last month or so.

More music from Scotland but this time on the experimental techno tip from Stephen Brown. “Red Room” was released recently on Music Man and if you like the synth driven style with the kick-drums pushed into the background, then this is for you.

An so, onto one of my favourite finds this year – Quantec! I’m sure plenty of people were already familiar with the excellent techno/house beats being released by this German producer over the last few years but I only heard his 2009 album “Cauldron Subsidence” recently and it’s full of tech-y and slightly off-key gems like “Magic Potion”, as featured near the end of hour two.

The show finishes with a recent release from Sub on Subtle Audio. “Hydra” is some different from a guy who usually produces D&B. This is a rhodes inspired, glitchy groaner. I’m not going to continue with anymore ridiculous decriptions, just listen !

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday May 22nd 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Oceanography” – ASC // Subtle Audio
“Extant Exit” – Es.Stereo // Amen Brothers
“All That Between” – Ultracode // Absys – Free Download
“Song About My Dog” (Subwave Remix) – Bop // Med School
“Hull Breach” – Fracture & Neptune // Astrophonica
“Drums” – Rockwell // Digital Soundboy
“Special Request” – Rufige Kru // Metalheadz
“Vice ” – Calibre // Creative Source
“4L + N” – Macc // Subtle Audio
“Swimming In The Booze” – Paranoid Society // Alphacut
“Forms, Ideas And Chips” – Bop // Med School

Part 2:
“Rubber Sun Grenade” – Loops Haunt // Fortified Audio
“Less Music” – TRG // Tube 10
“Iddy” – Blawan // Hessle Audio
“Forever” – F // 7even
“Minerals” – Scuba // Hotflush
“Purple Clouds” – Kiat & Alley Cat // Kokeshi
“Philly” – Boxcutter // Hotflush
“Zimbal Dub” – Elemental // Runtime
“El Presidente” – Headhunter & Djunya // Surefire Sound
“Retro Love” – Heny.G // Gangsta Boogie Music
“Red Room” – Stephen Brown // Music Man
“Magic Potion” – Quantec // Echocord
“Stempel” – The Black Dog // Soma
“Hydra” – Sub // Subtle Audio


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