Saturday June 5th 2010 Archive

Quickly gonna jot down the details for this show as I’m quite far behind with these archives!

…. so, in hour 1 – recent releases from Nucleus & Paradox, DLR and Fracture & Neptune and I finally got around to playing the dream-team collaboration by D-Bridge, Instra:Mental and Skream “Acacia Avenue” released on the recently launched Autonomic label. There’s a few old classics by Matrix, Digital and Alpha Omega in the mix too alongside music from new guns Kjell, Sh1, San.Dra and Reactiv.

Hour 2 begins with a string of techno styled beats from the likes of Quantec, Byetone, Marcel Dettmann and Andy Stott before A Made Up Sound (aka 2562) stutters things up with his recent remix of Basic Soul Unit. There’s some upbeat 4/4 from TVO’s brillant album “The Dark Is Rising” and then it’s into dubstep(ish) territory with something twisted and sinister from the mysterious Anstam. More in the dubstep vein from Instra:Mental, Scuba and Elemental before Loops Haunt crashes in with some Beserk-Step (yes, I’m instigating another new genre). The hour winds down with some quirky, smoothness from Actress and some downtempo beats by Fanu.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday June 5th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Pure Elegance” – D-Bridge // Exit
“Illuminism” – Nucleus & Paradox // Esoteric
“Windtunnel” – Kjell // Influence
“Elsewhere” – DLR // Dispatch
“Bangalore” – Sh1 // Santorin
“Tribalist” – Alpha Omega // Subtle Audio
“Acacia Avenue” – D-Bridge, Instra:Mental & Skream // Autonomic
“Junk” – Matrix // New Identity
“Hull Breach” – Fracture & Neptune // Astrophonica
“Badlands” – Social Engineer // Scientific Wax Digital
“Ras 78” – Digital // Function
“Badlands” – Reactiv // Break-Fast Audio
“Shaman” – San.Dra // Subtle Audio Digital

Part 2:
“Obstacles” – Quantec // Echocord
“Plastic Star” (Session) – Byetone // Raster-Noton
“Radio” – Marcel Dettmann // MDR
“Night Jewel” – Andy Stott // Modern Love
“Jak´d Freq” (A Made Up Sound – Puur Natuur Mix) – Basic Soul Unit // Crème Organization
“Castle Of Chalk Flint” – TVO // Stuff
“Aeto” (A) – Anstam // Anstam
“Forbidden” – Instra:Mental // Apple Pips
“Minerals” – Scuba // Hotflush
“Deep Under” – Elemental // Runtime
“Huarache” – Loops Haunt // Fortified Audio
“Doggin” – Actress // Werk Discs
“Skyscraper Dreams” – Fanu // Subtle Audio


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