Saturday July 3rd 2010 Archive

Goin back to the oldskool atmospheric style of D&B in the first hour of this show. Was getting ready for an all-day mellow D&B gig the day after and had dug out alot of this kinda material and decided I’d go for a similar flavour on the radio with the weather being nice at the time!

Oldies from Alex Reece, Aquasky, PFM, Wax Doctor, Jonny L, Bliss n Tumble, Spring Heel Jack, Blame and The Funky Technicians (aka Total Science) are blended with some more recent tunes from ASC, Senses and Dan Harbarnam. Stole a few minutes from hour 2 to fit in a extra tune at the end – always enjoy playing these kinda beats, found it hard to stop! Special mention to the Spring Heel Jack album “There Are Strings”, released in 1995 on Rough Trade – great album of quirky, breakbeat goodness. That’s where you’ll find the “Flying Again” tune featured here.

Hour 2 is dedicated to beats between 110 and 120 bpm for the most part. The focus is mostly on beats that have been around a while (but not from as far back as the majority of the D&B in hour 1). The first track by Gurtz (remixed by Abstract Groove) is from 2004 ish, as is the Pan/Tone remix. And it’s back to 2002 for one of Deadbeat’s early releases on a twitchy house tip. Some more recent stuff from the likes of Rod Modell / Deepchord and Sten (aka Lawrence) too. Finishing off, it’s something a bit more experimental from D’Arcangelo and one of my favourite tracks from their “Broken Toys Corner” album “X59”.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday July 3rd 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Street Player” – Alex Reece feat DJ Pulse & The Jazz Cartel // Al’s Records
“Desizres” – Aquasky // Moving Shadow
“Love & Happiness” – PFM // Looking Good
“Oceanography” – ASC // Subtle Audio
“Basic Principles” (Wax Doctor Rollout) – Alex Reece // Metalheadz
“Nightlife” – Jonny L // XL Recordings
“Fast & Loose” – Bliss n Tumble // Bear Necessities
“Black Camera” – Dan Harbarnam // Santorin
“Overhead Projections” – Blame // Good Looking
“Flying Again” – Spring Heel Jack // Rough Trade
“All Over” – Senses // Subtle Audio
“Down By The Sea” (PFM Remix) – St Etienne // Heavenly
“No Mystery” – Funky Technicians // Legend

Part 2:
“Kopfe” (Abstract Groove) – Gurtz // Sinergy Networks
“Cloud Over” – Rod Modell // Plop
“Chlorophyll” – Boxcutter // Planet Mu
“Adore” (Si-{cut}.db Remix) – Pan/Tone // BiP_HOp
“Chord Calculus” – Pendle Coven // Modern Love
“Miso” – Deadbeat // Revolver
“The Gate” – Sten // Dial
“Sunset” – Deepchord // Modern Love
“Only Memory Is A Good One” – Klute // Commercial Suicide
“X59” – D’Arcangelo // Rephlex


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