Saturday July 24th 2010 Archive

Lots of brand new material in this archive!

ASC has been one of my favourite D&B producers for many years now. I finally picked up his latest ablum “Nothing is Certain”. I think this long player will be palatable whether you’re a fan of D&B, dubstep or electronica. Check “Fade Away Sessions” & “Absent Mind” in hour 1 for evidence.

There’s other recent material in the first hour from Alaska, Rockwell & Seba and though it’s not new, the last tune of hour 1, “Sit Down And Dance”, could fit quite comfortably along side some of the recent Autonomic material – Polar was always ahead of his time! There are some classics featured too including the amazing scattered dub of Seiji’s “Buggin’ Out” on Reinforced, the bass heavy “Who Want’s Some?” by Density and Marcus Intalex & ST Files big Metalheadz tune “Lose Control”. Incidentially, both Rockwell and Marcus Intalex were playing at the Bump festival near my home town of Limerick on this weekend, so I had to play something by both really!

Hour 2 kicks off with some sweet techno from Arne Weinberg on Technoir Audio and continues in this vein, edging up the bpm with tracks from the Sandwell District and B12 camps until dubstep territory is reached via some heavy breakbeat from AQF. I’ve been loving the techno / dubstep / breakbeat crossover stuff AQF has been releasing on the label of the same name. “Rhythm Bomb II” was unreleased at the time of this broadcast but it’s available in the shops at this stage. The other fresh material in hour 2 comes from James Kumo, Regis, Joe and Elias Linn with an excellent upbeat plodder called “Hellersdorf”. The show closes with the cinematic D&B sound of Naibu’s “Theme From Harajuku Station”.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday July 17th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Switch” – LTJ Bukem // Good Looking
“Like Old Times” – Mixmaster Doc // Driven AM
“High Priestess” – Seba & Krazy // Paradox Music
“Clarendon” – Breakage // Digital Soundboy
“Fade Away Sessions” – ASC // Nonplus+
“Dangerous Days” – Seba // Warm Communications
“Kodiak” – Alaska // Arctic Music
“My War” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Who Wants Some?” – Density // Punctured Light
“Lose Control” – Marcus Intalex & ST Files // Metalheadz
“Buggin’ Out” – Seiji // Reinforced
“Absent Mind” – ASC // Nonplus+
“Sit Down & Dance” – Polar // Breakbeat Science

Part 2:
“Carbonized” – Arne Weinberg // Technoir Audio
“Back At The Rex” (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) – James Kumo // Curle Recordings
“Sans Adore” – Pan/Tone // Bip_Hop
“Sides Of Space” – D5 // Delsin
“Untitled” (Sampler Single 1, Regis Edit) – Silent Servant // Sandwell District
“Magnetic Fields” – B12 // B12
“Rhythm Bomb II” (Aart Greenwood Edit) – AQF // AQF
“Gimme A Break Won’t You” – Dr Pytor // F.4.T. Music
“Untitled” – Joe // Hessle Audio
“Organic” – Kryptic Minds // Swamp 81
“Sweetz” (2005 Flex) – Skream // Keysound
“Hellersdorf” – Elias Linn // Bomb Shop
“Theme From Harajuku Station” – Naibu // Subtle Audio


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