Saturday August 7th 2010

For the second week in a row I opened the show with a tune that’s downloadable absolutely free. This time it’s a young Russian artist called San.Dra who is giving her beats away – a remix of a track from “The Raw Truth” by Lynx & Kemo. Around the time of the album release, Soul:R held a competition in conjuction with I-DJ magazine to see who could make the best remix of “Global Enemies”. The samples were made available to the public and no restrictions on genre or style were specified. The winner was to have their version of the track released on Marcus Intalex’s famous D&B imprint. However, till now, no result has been announced (to my knowledge!) and maybe the plan was shelved altogether as there’s no news of a remix release over a year after the competition closing date. At this stage many of the remixers have uploaded their remixes as free downloads, like San.Dra did on her Soundcloud page.

Also featured in the Drum & Bass / Jungle section of the show are a whole host of recent album releases from the likes of ASC, Alaska, Macc & dgoHn and Polska aswell as a new vinyl release by one of my favourite new producers Dan Habarnam on the revived Cylon label. Macc & dgoHn’s “Some Shit Saaink” album was originally due for release on Subtle Audio before Rephlex licenced it last year. The release was subsequently delayed but it’s available from all good stores right now (including Juno, who are offering free shipping at the moment). Check “Sun Days” in this archive to get an idea of what to expect.

There are a good few older tunes featured in this show too, such as the angular synth sound of Optical’s “Grey Odyssey”, the stepping “Paradise” by Capone (aka Dillinja) and the weighty sub bass of Digital & Spirit’s “Cool Out” (such a pity those two don’t seem to collaborate anymore).

Into hour 2 and it’s an extended dubstep mix-up with alot of my favourite material from the last year or so. Well known producers such as Kromestar, Ramadanman, Pinch, Elemental, Pangaea, Marcus Intalex, Ital Tek and Headhunter feature alongside some who you may not be familiar with, but who most certain deserve your attention – Hyetal, Substep Infrabass and Djunya (featured alongside Headhunter here, but watch for some of his solo material too).

The last 20 minutes of the show are reserved for beats of the techno, electro and glitch variety. There’s something from Actress’s recent album “Splazsh” aswell as tunes from TVO, Lowfish and a remix of LJ Kruzer by Plaid which you may know from John Tejada’s Fabric mix or because you’re a big fan of Plaid, or because you just downloaded this archive…

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday August 7th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Global Enemies” (San.Dra Remix) – Lynx & Kemo // Free Download
“Bookworm” – Electrosoul System // Sound Trax
“Absent Mind” – ASC // Nonplus+
“Celsius” – Alaska // Arctic Music
“Cool Out” – Digital & Spirit // Phantom Audio
“Paradise” – Capone // Hardleaders
“Danzon” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Blakoh” – Polska // Subtle Audio
“The Boogaloo” – Dan Habarnam // Cylon
“Grey Odyssey” – Optical // Prototype
“Sun Days” – Macc & dgoHn // Rephlex (Licenced from Subtle Audio)
“Some Minimal Business” (LXC Refix) – Martsman // Subtle Audio
“Song About My Dog” (Subwave Remix) – Bop // Medschool

Part 2:
“Frenemy” – Kromestar // Dubstar
“Revenue” – Ramadanman // 2nd Drop
“Gold Or Soul” – Hyetal // Soul Motive
“5-HTP” – Pangaea // Hessle Audio
“Gangstaz” (Instrumental Version) – Pinch // Tectonic
“Soul Fire” – Elemental // Destructive
“Debbit” – Marcus Intalex // Revolve:r
“El Presidente” – Headhunter & Djunya // Surefire Sound
“Manhattan” – Ital Tek // Atom River
“Apnea” – Substep Infrabass // F.4.T. Music
“Huba” (Plaid’s 15 Years Lost Remix) – LJ Kruzer // Unchartered Audio
“The King In Yellow” – TVO // Highpoint Lowlife
“The Bite That Bleeds” – Lowfish // Noise Factory
“The Kettle Men” – Actress // Honest Jon’s


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