Saturday August 14th 2010

The D&B hour of this show brought recent releases from the likes of Ramadanman, Dan Habarnam, Polska, Kodama, Rockwell and Dub One aswell as a very nice unreleased track from New York’s Kjell called “Time Lord”.

As well as dealing with beats from 2010 I dug out a few tunes from the nineties by Guardians Of Dalliance, Shy FX and Photek. Another oldie featured is the Invaderz track “Echoes” from 2001. Apart from all that expect to hear newer (but not new!) cuts by Breakage and DJ Trax.

Into part 2 and we go techno-trekking for most of the hour. Again it’s old and new material in the mix. The newest releases come from Altered Natives, Female / Regis and Polska. Then it’s mostly material released between 2006 and 2009 – music from the likes of Bvdub, Morphosis, Kenny Larkin, Texture, Quantec, Deepchord, Claro Intelecto, Lowfish and Moderat (remixed by Surgeon).

Going further back I dug out Mike Shannons remix of the brillant “Siamese Twins” by Horror Inc (aka Akufen). Check the original too if you don’t already know it. Another slightly older track featured is the soulful oldskool sound of “Until My Heart Stops” by Ross 154. This was originally released on 12″ in 2004 but was just repressed this year. Apparently both tracks on the release were originally recorded in the early 90’s but didn’t get a release at the time. I guess you can tell the tracks are nearly 20 years old but they still sound good to me.

One more plug for the Polska album “2nd Rate” which finishes off the show. This albuym has been featured in both hours of most of the shows I’ve posted recently which say something for it’s diversity. If atmospheric, breakbeat with a slight touch of jazz sounds good to you, don’t miss it!

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday August 14th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Blue Green” – Guardians Of Dalliance // Moving Shadow
“Pandoras Box” – Shy FX // Ebony
“The Last Laugh” – Dj Trax feat Manu Delago // Audio Buffet
“Down With You” – Ramadanman // Darkestral Galaxicos
“Echoes” – The Invaderz // Pivotal
“Minotaur” – Photek // Science
“Out Of Time” – Kodama // Alphacut
“Full Circle” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Losing Track” VIP – Breakage // Bassbin
“Wray ” – Dub One // Ingredients
“Time Lord” – Kjell // Promo
“The One” – Dan Habarnam // Cylon
“Google Plex” – Polska // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“Wish I Was Here” – BvDub // Millions Of Moments
“Flash” – Morphosis // M>O>S
“Until My Heart Stops” – Ross 154 // M>O>S
“Bass Mode” – Kenny Larkin // Planet E
“Late For Work” – Texture // Aesthetik
“Profound Experiences” – Quantec // Echocord
“Vantage Isle” (Echospace Reshape) – DeepChord // Echospace
“X” – Claro Intelecto // Modern Love
“Siamese Twins” (Mike Shannon’s Incision Mix) – Horror Inc // Revolver
“Crop Duster” – Altered Natives // 3024
“Untitled” (Regis Mix) – Female // Sandwell District
“8 Op” – Lowfish // Satamile
“Seamonkey” (Surgeon Remix) – Moderat // BPitch Control
“2 Reflex” – Polska // Subtle Audio
“Longer” – Polska & Con // Subtle Audio


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