Saturday June 24th 2010 Archive

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A few new releases scattered amongst some (slightly) older classics in this show and there’s a couple of free releases aswell that are worth picking up – beats from Morphy in hour 1 and Forsaken in hour 2. These are probably as good as anything you’ll fork out for in the next few weeks!

Just to give you a quick run-down of what you can hear in hour 1 – going a few years back, I dug out tunes by Sileni, Deep Inc, Seba, Calibre and Fracture & Neptune. There’s a good few from the last 2 years or so too, including the tune that really seemed to cement Instra:Mental’s reputation as the great hope for modern D&B – “Pacific Heights”. The recent releases in this hour come from Sub, Raiden, DLR and for the first time on the show “Ice” by Berlin’s Felix K, which just saw a promo release on Doc Scott’s 31 Records.

Into hour 2 and we go on a journey from 128 bpm – 140 ish and then right down to 100! There’s fresh beats from the likes of Basic Soul Unit, Cosmin TRG, Becoming Real and, something new on Martyn’s 3024 label from Altered Natives.

Stepping back to 2009 there’s some beats from the first release on A Made Up Sound from the producer of the same name (aka 2562). It’s easy to forget about some tunes from the 2562 / A Made Up Sound catalogue, such is the quantity and quality of music coming from his studio. I played “Rework” from this release before, but the flipside “Closer” (featured here) is just as good. Don’t forget to grab the free Forsaken remix of Joker (as mentioned earlier).

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday June 24th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Song About My Bike” – Sileni // Thermal
“Tee Time” – Deep Inc // Creative Source
“Elsewhere” – DLR // Dispatch
“Warren Dub” – Morphy // Nerve – Free Download
“Pacific Heights” – Instra:Mental // Darkestral
“Breaks Selection” – Seba // Combination
“Light Years” – Calibre // Creative Source
“Danzon” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Zenith’s Core” – Nucleus & Paradox // Esoteric
“Breaking Through” – Commix // 31 Records
“Planet 13” – Fracture & Neptune // Counter Intelligence
“Ice” – Felix K // 31 Records
“Halleluja” – Sub // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“Uncivil Engineering” (Calm Mix) – Pendle Coven // Modern Love
“Yellow River” – Basic Soul Unit // Crème Organization
“Crop Duster” – Altered Natives // 3024
“Together” – Mark Broom // BPitch Control
“Groove Control” – Cosmin TRG // Rush Hour
“Fast Motion” (DVA’s Hi Emotions Remix) – Becoming Real // Ramp
“Closer” – A Made Up Sound // A Made Up Sound
“Forbidden” – Instra:Mental // Apple Pips
“Holly Brook Park” (Forsaken Remix) – Joker // Free Download
“Metal Funk” – Elemental // Runtime
“Manhattan” – Ital Tek // Atom River
“Slow Hand Slap” – Lukid // Werk Discs


Saturday June 19th 2010 Archive

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Not too much brand new stuff in this weeks archive, I took the chance to draw out some slightly older bits and underrated tunes.

The most recent bits in hour 1 are the collaborations by D-Bridge & Consequence, Justice & Metro and Fracture & Neptune aswell as Raiden’s recent debut release on his new Voodoo Music label. From the vaults, I dug out an old Sonar Circle (aka Domu) tune called “Close Encounterz” on Sonica aswell as the classic marimba-led (or is it xylophone?) “Astral Vibes” by Danny Breaks, taken from his “Vibrations” album.

Also featured are some favourites of mine from the Nu Directions, Subtle Audio and Breakfast Audio back catalogues. “Watergate” is one of the best things I’ve heard from New Zealand’s Mosus – the weird harp-like riff makes this one stand out. Cloak & Dagger and Equinox (remixing Macc & Düffah) serve up some sweet breakbeat atmospherics on “Time Travelling” and “Messier 51” respectively and the versatile Dutch producer Mindmapper pitches in with the drifting synth and sax of “Dizzy Dub”.

Into hour 2 and it kicks off with something from the very underrated Alpha Omega. He’s best known for his Drum & Bass productions but I’ve featured a techno track taken from his 2006 long player “Word Of Mouth”, released on Thermal. Whatever genre he dabbles in, his music always seems to have an experimental edge to it, as you will hear on “Building Blocks”.

The most recent beats in this hour come from A Made Up Sound (aka 2562) remixing Basic Soul Unit’s “Jak’d Freq”. It’s been played quite often on the show over the last month or so, but why not – I think most music is cast to one side too soon these days, so I’m making an effort to go against that as much as possible!

Continuing with some older techno-y bits from Aardvarck and Headhunter we veer towards dubstep territory with Helixir’s “Springz & Wires” on the influential 7even label before getting into a string of dubstep related business from the likes of Randomer, 2562, Mala, Peverelist and Alley Cat & Kiat.

Then we switch to some experimental uptempo techno from one of my favourite new artists this year – AQF. There’s another exerpt from the B12 Archives series this week too with the beautifully serene “One Thing In Mind”, followed by something else from the oldskool by Future Sound Of London.

The second hour ends with the same artist that started it all off, Alpha Omega – this time it’s an (as yet) unreleased track due out on Subtle Audio later this year. The title says it all… “Highway Cruising” – listen and you’ll see

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday June 19th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Life Is Timing” – Consequence feat D-Bridge // Exit
“Defragment” – Justice & Momentum // Modern Urban Jazz
“Close Encounterz” – Sonar Circle // Sonica
“36 Degrees” – Verse & SP // Crunch
“Time Travelling” – Cloak & Dagger // Subtle Audio
“Dizzy Dub” – Mindmapper // Break-Fast Audio
“Danzon” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Hull Breach” – Fracture & Neptune // Astrophonica
“Astral Vibes” – Danny Breaks // Droppin Science
“Let It Happen” – Break // Shogun
“Messier 51” (Equinox Remix) – Macc & Düffah // Subtle Audio
“Watergate” – Mosus // Nu Directions
“Igloo” – Justice & Metro // Modern Urban Jazz

Part 2:
“Building Blocks” – Alpha Omega // Thermal
“Jak´d Freq” (A Made Up Sound – Puur Natuur Mix) – Basic Soul Unit // Crème Organization
“Cult Copy Pt 2” – Aardvarck // Rush Hour
“Birk’s Range” – Headhunter // Tempa
“Springz & Wires” – Helixir // 7even
“Nothing Left” – Randomer // Audio Freaks
“Moog Dub” – 2562 // Tectonic
“Level Nine” – Mala // Hyperdub
“Infinity Is Now” – Peverelist // Punch Drunk
“Purple Clouds” – Alley Cat & Kiat // Kokeshi
“My Peoples Head” – AQF // AQF
“One Thing In Mind” – B12 // B12
“Flak” – Future Sound Of London // Virgin
“Highway Cruising” – Alpha Omega vrs Nubian Minds // Subtle Audio

Saturday June 12th 2010 Archive

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New releases and promo’s aplenty in hour 1 here. Finally got around to playing the flipsides of some recent vinyl purchases I played in previous shows – “Weigh Down” from ST Files and “Baptism of Fire” by Raiden. Always nice when a vinyl has quality on both sides. Also featured is a new track from Morphy on Alphacut who are keeping up an astonishing release rate and quality level this year! “Tensions” by Sub makes yet another appearance in a Future Beats tracklist but seeing as it is finally available as a digital download as well on vinyl, it’s a good time to showcase it again. Worth checking this hour too for exclusive promo’s from the likes of Dub One and The Flatliners.

In hour 2 there’s plenty of quality Dubstep from the last year or so, including the likes of Foraken, Elemental, Kromestar, Silkie, L-ow, Kryptic Minds and some dreamy-drifty beats from DFRNT’s brillant album “Metafiction”. There’s some laid-back techno business from the oldskool near the end of the show too from Luke Slater and B12 and then some downtempo beats from Polska’s “2nd Rate” album which is out on general release at the end of July but is available from the Subtle Audio site right now.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday June 12th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“The Urge” – Breakage & Threshold // Reinforced
“Thoughtless” – Calibre // Digital Soundboy
“Renewal” – LM1 // Outsider
“Pacific” – Naibu feat Arctic // Fokuz
“Acacia Avenue” – D-Bridge, Instra:Mental & Skream // Autonomic
“It Was Destined To Happen” – Dub One // Ingredients Promo
“Retroism” (Where Are You?) – Equinox // Subtle Audio
“Uptown Special” – Morphy // Alphacut
“Weigh Down” – ST Files // Dispatch
“Deez Breakz” – Lynx & Kemo // Soul:R
“Baptism Of Fire” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Twisted Dreams” – Flatliners // Break-Fast Audio Promo
“Tensions” – Sub // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“Fighting Spirit” – Forsaken // Immerse
“Deep Chord” – Elemental // Runtime
“Suboceanic” – Reactiv // Scientific Wax
“Head Butt Da Deck” – Silkie // Deep Medi Musik
“Deep Under” – Elemental // Hotflush
“Moment Of Truth ” – L-ow // On The Edge
“768” – Kryptic Minds // Tectonic
“System Log” – Kromestar // Dubstar
“Lounge” – DFRNT // On The Edge
“Surface Bound” – Luke Slater’s 7th Plain // General Production Recordings
“Why The Reason” – B12 // B12
“Valuable Leaks” – Polska // Subtle Audio

Saturday June 5th 2010 Archive

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Quickly gonna jot down the details for this show as I’m quite far behind with these archives!

…. so, in hour 1 – recent releases from Nucleus & Paradox, DLR and Fracture & Neptune and I finally got around to playing the dream-team collaboration by D-Bridge, Instra:Mental and Skream “Acacia Avenue” released on the recently launched Autonomic label. There’s a few old classics by Matrix, Digital and Alpha Omega in the mix too alongside music from new guns Kjell, Sh1, San.Dra and Reactiv.

Hour 2 begins with a string of techno styled beats from the likes of Quantec, Byetone, Marcel Dettmann and Andy Stott before A Made Up Sound (aka 2562) stutters things up with his recent remix of Basic Soul Unit. There’s some upbeat 4/4 from TVO’s brillant album “The Dark Is Rising” and then it’s into dubstep(ish) territory with something twisted and sinister from the mysterious Anstam. More in the dubstep vein from Instra:Mental, Scuba and Elemental before Loops Haunt crashes in with some Beserk-Step (yes, I’m instigating another new genre). The hour winds down with some quirky, smoothness from Actress and some downtempo beats by Fanu.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday June 5th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Pure Elegance” – D-Bridge // Exit
“Illuminism” – Nucleus & Paradox // Esoteric
“Windtunnel” – Kjell // Influence
“Elsewhere” – DLR // Dispatch
“Bangalore” – Sh1 // Santorin
“Tribalist” – Alpha Omega // Subtle Audio
“Acacia Avenue” – D-Bridge, Instra:Mental & Skream // Autonomic
“Junk” – Matrix // New Identity
“Hull Breach” – Fracture & Neptune // Astrophonica
“Badlands” – Social Engineer // Scientific Wax Digital
“Ras 78” – Digital // Function
“Badlands” – Reactiv // Break-Fast Audio
“Shaman” – San.Dra // Subtle Audio Digital

Part 2:
“Obstacles” – Quantec // Echocord
“Plastic Star” (Session) – Byetone // Raster-Noton
“Radio” – Marcel Dettmann // MDR
“Night Jewel” – Andy Stott // Modern Love
“Jak´d Freq” (A Made Up Sound – Puur Natuur Mix) – Basic Soul Unit // Crème Organization
“Castle Of Chalk Flint” – TVO // Stuff
“Aeto” (A) – Anstam // Anstam
“Forbidden” – Instra:Mental // Apple Pips
“Minerals” – Scuba // Hotflush
“Deep Under” – Elemental // Runtime
“Huarache” – Loops Haunt // Fortified Audio
“Doggin” – Actress // Werk Discs
“Skyscraper Dreams” – Fanu // Subtle Audio

Saturday May 29th 2010 Archive

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Lots of fresh beats, especially from the D&B side of things in this show.

It all kicks off with an oldie from the Subtle Audio camp. Cloak & Dagger’s “Soul Sauce” is one of my favourite summery D&B tunes of recent times. Latin inspired shakers and guitars build into a more Jungle centred rhythm half way through – smooth stuff! The first of the brand new releases comes from Raiden’s new label, Voodoo Music. “Danzon” is a good example of the bass driven D&B that’s very much in vogue at the moment but has more character than alot of the releases I’ve been hearing recently. The flip side of the 12″ is top notch too, listen out for that in the next few weeks.

Rockwell has been featured on the show many times over the last year or so and despite the consistently high standards of his productions I still don’t think he has ever surpassed his debut release “Underpass”. Check both sides of his new Shogun Audio release for his best beats since then – “Full Circle” (as featured here) and “My War”.

The other big new is that the final album in Alaska’s ambient / atmospheric D&B trilogy has just been released. The previous installments “Virtual Virtuousis” and “Arctic Foundations” are still in the bag and after a few listens I think this new “Mesozic Era” album will be getting play for quite awhile too.

There’s been a resurgence in the atmospheric style of D&B recently (thankfully!) and the forthcoming Polska album on Subtle Audio will be a treat for anyone that has missed that style. The general release has been delayed until the end of July but it is available directly from the Subtle Audio Shop right now – check out the impish bassline of “Dumster” for a taste of what to expect from the “2nd Rate” long player.

The first hour ends with some older bits from Photek & Tayla, Cold Mission and the Wax Doctor – I thought it would be good to tie in some of the tracks from the original era of atmospheric D&B. The last track of the hour is the heartfelt “What Do You Like?” from underrated Canadian artist Jason oS. Get this one on the vinyl version of the Subtle Audio Vol I compilation.

Not as much brand new music in hour 2, but plenty of tunes that haven’t featured till now on Future Beats including music from DFRNT, Clouds, Silkie, Benga, Geiom & Dawntreader & Monolake.

Something more recent is K3Bee’s debut release “Dark Whisper” on Irish dubstep label Dubculture. I’ve been playing a promo of this one on CD for quite awhile but it’s nice to finally be able to play a 12″ vinyl from someone you’ve watched battling away in the studio for years!  The freshest release featured is Asusu’s excellent dubstep-techno crossover remix of “Horizons” by Furesshu. Grab it now on Immerse Records.

Also worth mentioning is “U3” taken from the B12 archives released over 7 volumes in the last year or so. They round up all the releases on the B12 label between 1991 and 1996 and also include some previously unreleased material (such as “U3” on Archive Vol 6). Apparently “U3” was recorded sometime around 1993, which you could never tell by listening to it. Snap the B12 archive compilations up, the original vinyls are pretty hard to find and expensive at this stage!

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday May 29th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Soul Sauce” – Cloak & Dagger // Subtle Audio
“Danzon” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Full Circle” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Bro” – Soul Intent // Blindside
“Viola” – Alaska // Arctic Music
“Dumster” – Polska // Subtle Audio
“Cassini” – ASC // Covert Operations
“Tense” (Ramadanman Remix) – Scuba // Offshore
“Synaethesis” – Requeim // Outsider
“Bringing Me Down” – Aquarius & Tayla // Good Looking
“Comin’ On Strong” – Cold Mission // Reinforced
“Heat” – Wax Doctor // R&S
“What Do You Like?” – Jason oS // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“Decay” – DFRNT // On The Edge
“Spat” – Clouds // Channel Zero
“Dark Whisper” – K3Bee // Dubculture
“Purple Clouds” – Kiat & Alley Cat // Kokeshi
“Wobblers” – Benga // Big Apple
“Toscani” – Geiom & Dawntreader // Double Science
“Techno 22” – Silkie // Deep Medi Musik
“Dedale” – Headhunter & F // Transistor
“On The Bull Run” – AQF // AQF
“Horizons” (Asusu Remix) – Furesshu // Immerse
“U3” – B12 // B12
“Untitled” (Track 4 Zauberberg Album) – Gas // Kompakt
“Null Pointer” – Monolake // Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music

Saturday May 22nd 2010 Archive

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Mostly new material this week and the first hour features recent cuts from the likes of Es.Stereo, Ultracode (Download “Deep East Vol II” EP for free here), Bop (remixed by Subwave), Rockwell and Paranoid Society.

I recently caught up on some of the releases on the Amen Brothers label and the Es.Stereo track here is a good example of the kind of quality they’re releasing. Check a very good free track by Format None they are offering through Juno Records here.

Bop’s “Clear Your Mind” album was released last year on Med School (a subsidary of Hospital Records). If you like clicks, bleeps & atmospherics then it will be right up your street. “Forms, Ideas And Chips”, the last track of the first hour will give you a taster of what the full length album is about. There’s a new remix EP out now called “Remix Your Mind”. Subwave’s version of “Song About My Dog” is one of my favourites from that and that’s featured here too.

Following that something slightly tougher and more sinister from Fracture & Neptune’s Astrophonica imprint. “Hull Breach” came out at the end of last year and is one of my favourite tunes from the three 12″s on their label so far. Next up is Rockwell on a slightly more militant tip than usual. “Drums” is a bit more hectic and full-on than some of the stuff he’s released to date but it’s nice to see him diversify.

“Vice” by Calibre is nine years old at this stage but it’s still one of the best things he’s done in my opinion. Macc’s mournful “4L + N” is a few years old at this stage too but it doesn’t show it’s age at all. Produced at 164 bpm it’s a good deal slower than most modern D&B and this allows for greater subtlety in the drum arrangement. More beats around this tempo would be good !

Alphacut is going from strength to strength and they’ve already released 5 12″ vinyls since the turn of the year. Paranoid Society’s “Swimming In The Booze” has a queasy bassline, no doubt inspiring the title. Really love the synths in this one too.

Into hour 2 and it starts with a track from a guy creating a bit of a stir at the moment, Scotland’s Loops Haunt. “Rubber Sun Grenade” is the title track from a recent 4 track EP on Fortified Audio. It’s a little more conventional than the rest of the release but there’s still plenty of quirkiness to enjoy.

The newest material in this hour comes from Blawan on Hessle Audio, Scuba on Hotflush, Headhunter & Djunya on Surefire Sound and Kiat & Alley Cat on Kokeshi. Some excellent dubstep doing the rounds at the moment and these are a few of my favourites released in the last month or so.

More music from Scotland but this time on the experimental techno tip from Stephen Brown. “Red Room” was released recently on Music Man and if you like the synth driven style with the kick-drums pushed into the background, then this is for you.

An so, onto one of my favourite finds this year – Quantec! I’m sure plenty of people were already familiar with the excellent techno/house beats being released by this German producer over the last few years but I only heard his 2009 album “Cauldron Subsidence” recently and it’s full of tech-y and slightly off-key gems like “Magic Potion”, as featured near the end of hour two.

The show finishes with a recent release from Sub on Subtle Audio. “Hydra” is some different from a guy who usually produces D&B. This is a rhodes inspired, glitchy groaner. I’m not going to continue with anymore ridiculous decriptions, just listen !

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday May 22nd 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Oceanography” – ASC // Subtle Audio
“Extant Exit” – Es.Stereo // Amen Brothers
“All That Between” – Ultracode // Absys – Free Download
“Song About My Dog” (Subwave Remix) – Bop // Med School
“Hull Breach” – Fracture & Neptune // Astrophonica
“Drums” – Rockwell // Digital Soundboy
“Special Request” – Rufige Kru // Metalheadz
“Vice ” – Calibre // Creative Source
“4L + N” – Macc // Subtle Audio
“Swimming In The Booze” – Paranoid Society // Alphacut
“Forms, Ideas And Chips” – Bop // Med School

Part 2:
“Rubber Sun Grenade” – Loops Haunt // Fortified Audio
“Less Music” – TRG // Tube 10
“Iddy” – Blawan // Hessle Audio
“Forever” – F // 7even
“Minerals” – Scuba // Hotflush
“Purple Clouds” – Kiat & Alley Cat // Kokeshi
“Philly” – Boxcutter // Hotflush
“Zimbal Dub” – Elemental // Runtime
“El Presidente” – Headhunter & Djunya // Surefire Sound
“Retro Love” – Heny.G // Gangsta Boogie Music
“Red Room” – Stephen Brown // Music Man
“Magic Potion” – Quantec // Echocord
“Stempel” – The Black Dog // Soma
“Hydra” – Sub // Subtle Audio

Saturday May 15th 2010 Archive

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Nothing brand spanking new in the Drum & Bass hour in this show, but lots of tunes from the last few months aswell as some oldies that still sound fresh. Kicking off with the organic sounds of Dj Trax, Dan Harbarnam & Alaska (aka Paradox) we then move into slightly tech-ier territory with the sounds of D-Bridge and Martsman. Next “Clouds Over Memphis” by Fracture & Neptune, this is one of my favourite tunes by this London duo (and that’s saying something). Released on the self-distributed, non-profit Subvert Central label as part of an excellent 3×12″ vinyl only release (also featuring the likes of Sileni, Dissident and Uzhas) you can still pick up this limited 300 copy pressing – check here for a special promotion.

Moving onto Soul Intent’s debut release from 2007 – “Jus Vibe” is still one of my favourite tunes from this producer based in Nottingham, UK. This half-stepper balances subtlety and aggression beautifully. Senses & Survival bring positive vibes on their collaboration release on Horizons Music. Love the synth / pad combinations on “Lisys”.

Next we get into something released on a recently launched Irish label called “Ruff Revival“. Though the label is new, the names behind it are not – it’s run by long time purveyors of all things bass-driven (and beyond!) Droid & Slug with a helping hand from the legendary Naphta. “Fully Loaded” is Naphta’s first release since his amazing beat-driven war commentary “Democracy.Now”. Here he’s back in the proto-jungle style reminiscent of some of the tracks on the “Long Time Burning” album. Watch out for the twist-up beats at the end!

Then some classics on the Reinforced Records label from Marcus Intalex & ST Files (remixing 4 Hero) and Alpha Omega’s “Nubian Minds”. In between them, something more recent from Aaron Jay & Lynx on Doc Scott’s 31 Records. The first hour ends with Goldie’s remix of Bjork’s “Isobel”. If only all celebrity couples could give the world something this interesting. (well, they were a couple around the time this was released anyway).

The second hour kicks off with some quirky, off-key house by Omar S under his Oasis alias. Then something from a recent album by Ripperton called “Niwa”. I played “The Hill”, a track exclusive to the vinyl version of the album on the show before and the mix of “Echocity” featured here is different to the version on the CD / Download. It might be worth digging out that old turntable if you’ve ditched it for an mp3 player recently.

Brand new material this week from 2562 under his A Made Up Sound alias. Love this 303 led remix of Basic Soul Unit. Following this are the vibrant synths of Lawrence’s “Neither”, released a few years ago on the Dial label. Into another favourite producer who straddles the techno / house divide (filthy animal!) – Andy Stott. “Replace” is taken from the brillant “Unknown Exception” a CD compilation released on Manchester’s Modern Love label. If you missed some of his vinyl releases over the last few years, then this CD is a good way to catch up. Shed’s remix of Taho’s “Energy Fields” featured in our best of 2009 round-up and it’s featured here again, still hasn’t got old! Then onto a new name (for me at least) – Conforce, been digging the noises I’ve been hearing from this Dutch producer. Check “Junction” here if you never heard of him.

Kontext and Arne Weinberg serve as the bridge between the techno and dubstep styles in this hour and then the dubstep beats come from Relocate (remixing the aforementioned Kontext) and (yet again!) something from F’s recent album “Energy Distortion”.

The show ends with something I got a few months ago but never got around to playing. “You Know” by Burnkane is a weird (but good!) indie meets dubstep thing. You can always rely on Planet Mu to bring an interesting angle to proceedings.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday May 15th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Heaven’s Gate” – Dj Trax featuring Becki Biggins // Audio Buffet
“Zoom Black Camera” – Dan Harbarnam // Santorin
“Afterlife” – Alaska // 13 Music
“The Fortunate Fool” – D-Bridge // Exit
“Periphereia” – Martsman // Alphacut
“Clouds Over Memphis” – Fracture & Neptune // Subvert Central
“Jus Vibe” – Soul Intent // Blindside
“Lisys” – Senses & Survival // Horizons
“Fully Loaded” – Naphta // Ruff Revival
“A Better Place” (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) – 4 Hero // Reinforced
“Mule” – Aaron Jay & Lynx // 31 Records
“Nubian Minds” – Alpha Omega // Reinforced
“Isobel’s Lonely Heart” (Goldie Remix) – Bjork // One Little Indian

Part 2:
“Detroit #1” – Oasis // FXHE
“Echocity” (Vinyl Version) – Ripperton // Green
“Jak´d Freq” (A Made Up Sound – Puur Natuur Mix) – Basic Soul Unit // Crème Organization
“Neither” – Lawrence // Dial
“Replace” – Andy Stott // Modern Love
“Energy Fields” (Shed’s Ride Disturbance Mix) – Taho // Delsin
“Junction” (Peak Mix) – Conforce // Rush Hour
“Ocean In The Bathroom” – Kontext // Immerse
“Isis” – Arne Weinberg // AW Recordings
“Plumes” (Relocate Remix) – Kontext // Immerse
“0907” – F // 7even
“You Know” – Burnkane // Planet Mu