Saturday April 3rd 2010 Archive

Back to 2 hours of beats in this archive and lots of brand new bits and exclusives over the course of the show. Just to fill you in on the freshest material, in hour 1 we feature brand new releases from Rockwell (alongside Zero T), Justice & Metro, Enjoy and also something (as yet unreleased) by Ink (of Metalheadz/Renegade Hardware fame) called “Flow”.

“Bone Structure” by Rockwell & Zero T is one of the better examples of glitch influenced Drum & Bass so far this year in my opinion. The interesting rhythms in Rockwell’s material compliment the unusual textures very well, I’m all for it! Speaking of interesting rhythms, one of the guys that has really been injecting a boost into that department of D&B in recent times has been Italy’s Enjoy. “Portrait” is just one of 4 amazing tracks on a new EP of his titled “Edges & Grooves”, available right now FOR FREE (!!!) on Australia’s Materializm Recordings. Love the attention to detail in the arrangement of the beats and breaks all through the EP. Often there are several patterns running at the same time but somehow, despite the complexity of each, the rhythms remain fluid. It’s a real throwback to the early days of Jungle but still with a fresh sound. More! Following it we take some more material from the Justice & Metro album (due out next week) – if Enjoy’s “Protrait” is a throwback to the origins of the Jungle scene, then this is the exact opposite! It’s all about variety of sound and style though, that’s what makes D&B so good at the moment. This is a futuristic, synth n glitch driven tune – a nice n mellow ending to hour 1.

Into hour 2 and I finally got around to playing something from the new F album which I’ve had for a few weeks now. Certainly a high quality debut from the French producer, if a little one-dimensional for a long player. Still, I’ll be getting plenty of value from this, not a bad track on “Energy Distortion”. Just before F’s “Forever” is something released in the last few weeks by a new producer on the scene called Furesshu. “Horizions” is taken from a 3 tracker on the recently launched ‘Project Squared’ label. Their first release by Asusu was quality aswell – definitely a label to keep an eye on. F features again alongside Headhunter for a track called “Dedale”. It’s been relatively quiet on the release front for Headhunter as of late – hopefully there will be more material soon. Then it’s onto two of my favourite Dubstep tunes. First up “Deadweight” by Intex Systems (aka ASC, the D&B producer) – this tune is soooooo underrated, never hear it played unfortunately. Then it’s Jus Wan’s “Action Potential”, probably my favourite Apple Pips release to date. The other (relatively) new release in this hour comes in the shape of Untold’s ridiculous remix of Boabinga’s “Ride It”. Is it dubstep ? Who knows. All I know is it’s around the same tempo and it’s rockin! I love dancefloor stuff with a quirky edge like this has.

Being honest, I haven’t been into Marcus Intalex’s D&B productions too much of late but his techno/dubstep hybrid “Debbit” is deadly stuff. It’s followed by material by Peverelist from his recent “Jarvik Mindstate” long player. The show ends with a few tracks in the house/techno vein. First of all something from the 2008 album on Werk Discs by Actress, then an exclusive track from the vinyl edition of Ripperton’s “Niwa” album called “The Hill” (just maybe the best thing on it). Finally we get into the quirky side of Kenny Larkin’s techno production with “Deja Vu” from his “Keys, Strings, Tambourines” album released about 2 years ago on Carl Craig’s Planet E label.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday April 3rd 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2 —>

Part 1:
“Piper Dreams” – Naibu // Fokuz
“Sea Wasp” – Deepcore // Outsider
“Flow” – Ink // Unreleased
“Bone Structure” – Rockwell & Zero T // Critical
“Periphereia” – Martsman // Alphacut
“Lazor Blade” – Total Science // Purified Audio
“Special Treat” – DJ Die // V Recordings
“Healing” – Will Miles // Deep Soul Music
“Unity” – Equinox // Bassbin
“Let It Happen” – Break // Shogun Audio
“Portrait” – Enjoy // Materializm
“Human Thinking” – Justice & Metro // Modern Urban Jazz

Part 2:
“Horizons” – Furesshu // Project Squared
“Forever” – F // 7even
“Submersive” (Scuba Version) – Jus Wan // Naked Lunch
“Dedale” – F & Headhunter // Transistor
“Deadweight” – Intex Systems // Covert Operations
“Action Potential” – Jus Wan // Applepips
“Ride It” (Untold Remix) – Baobinga // Build
“Debbit” – Marcus Intalex // Revolve:r
“Valves” – Peverelist // Punch Drunk
“Ivy May Gilpin” – Actress // Werk Discs
“The Hill” – Ripperton // Green
“Deja Vu” – Kenny Larkin // Planet E


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