Saturday May 29th 2010 Archive

Lots of fresh beats, especially from the D&B side of things in this show.

It all kicks off with an oldie from the Subtle Audio camp. Cloak & Dagger’s “Soul Sauce” is one of my favourite summery D&B tunes of recent times. Latin inspired shakers and guitars build into a more Jungle centred rhythm half way through – smooth stuff! The first of the brand new releases comes from Raiden’s new label, Voodoo Music. “Danzon” is a good example of the bass driven D&B that’s very much in vogue at the moment but has more character than alot of the releases I’ve been hearing recently. The flip side of the 12″ is top notch too, listen out for that in the next few weeks.

Rockwell has been featured on the show many times over the last year or so and despite the consistently high standards of his productions I still don’t think he has ever surpassed his debut release “Underpass”. Check both sides of his new Shogun Audio release for his best beats since then – “Full Circle” (as featured here) and “My War”.

The other big new is that the final album in Alaska’s ambient / atmospheric D&B trilogy has just been released. The previous installments “Virtual Virtuousis” and “Arctic Foundations” are still in the bag and after a few listens I think this new “Mesozic Era” album will be getting play for quite awhile too.

There’s been a resurgence in the atmospheric style of D&B recently (thankfully!) and the forthcoming Polska album on Subtle Audio will be a treat for anyone that has missed that style. The general release has been delayed until the end of July but it is available directly from the Subtle Audio Shop right now – check out the impish bassline of “Dumster” for a taste of what to expect from the “2nd Rate” long player.

The first hour ends with some older bits from Photek & Tayla, Cold Mission and the Wax Doctor – I thought it would be good to tie in some of the tracks from the original era of atmospheric D&B. The last track of the hour is the heartfelt “What Do You Like?” from underrated Canadian artist Jason oS. Get this one on the vinyl version of the Subtle Audio Vol I compilation.

Not as much brand new music in hour 2, but plenty of tunes that haven’t featured till now on Future Beats including music from DFRNT, Clouds, Silkie, Benga, Geiom & Dawntreader & Monolake.

Something more recent is K3Bee’s debut release “Dark Whisper” on Irish dubstep label Dubculture. I’ve been playing a promo of this one on CD for quite awhile but it’s nice to finally be able to play a 12″ vinyl from someone you’ve watched battling away in the studio for years!  The freshest release featured is Asusu’s excellent dubstep-techno crossover remix of “Horizons” by Furesshu. Grab it now on Immerse Records.

Also worth mentioning is “U3” taken from the B12 archives released over 7 volumes in the last year or so. They round up all the releases on the B12 label between 1991 and 1996 and also include some previously unreleased material (such as “U3” on Archive Vol 6). Apparently “U3” was recorded sometime around 1993, which you could never tell by listening to it. Snap the B12 archive compilations up, the original vinyls are pretty hard to find and expensive at this stage!

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday May 29th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Soul Sauce” – Cloak & Dagger // Subtle Audio
“Danzon” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Full Circle” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Bro” – Soul Intent // Blindside
“Viola” – Alaska // Arctic Music
“Dumster” – Polska // Subtle Audio
“Cassini” – ASC // Covert Operations
“Tense” (Ramadanman Remix) – Scuba // Offshore
“Synaethesis” – Requeim // Outsider
“Bringing Me Down” – Aquarius & Tayla // Good Looking
“Comin’ On Strong” – Cold Mission // Reinforced
“Heat” – Wax Doctor // R&S
“What Do You Like?” – Jason oS // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“Decay” – DFRNT // On The Edge
“Spat” – Clouds // Channel Zero
“Dark Whisper” – K3Bee // Dubculture
“Purple Clouds” – Kiat & Alley Cat // Kokeshi
“Wobblers” – Benga // Big Apple
“Toscani” – Geiom & Dawntreader // Double Science
“Techno 22” – Silkie // Deep Medi Musik
“Dedale” – Headhunter & F // Transistor
“On The Bull Run” – AQF // AQF
“Horizons” (Asusu Remix) – Furesshu // Immerse
“U3” – B12 // B12
“Untitled” (Track 4 Zauberberg Album) – Gas // Kompakt
“Null Pointer” – Monolake // Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music


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  1. music is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing …

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