Saturday June 12th 2010 Archive

New releases and promo’s aplenty in hour 1 here. Finally got around to playing the flipsides of some recent vinyl purchases I played in previous shows – “Weigh Down” from ST Files and “Baptism of Fire” by Raiden. Always nice when a vinyl has quality on both sides. Also featured is a new track from Morphy on Alphacut who are keeping up an astonishing release rate and quality level this year! “Tensions” by Sub makes yet another appearance in a Future Beats tracklist but seeing as it is finally available as a digital download as well on vinyl, it’s a good time to showcase it again. Worth checking this hour too for exclusive promo’s from the likes of Dub One and The Flatliners.

In hour 2 there’s plenty of quality Dubstep from the last year or so, including the likes of Foraken, Elemental, Kromestar, Silkie, L-ow, Kryptic Minds and some dreamy-drifty beats from DFRNT’s brillant album “Metafiction”. There’s some laid-back techno business from the oldskool near the end of the show too from Luke Slater and B12 and then some downtempo beats from Polska’s “2nd Rate” album which is out on general release at the end of July but is available from the Subtle Audio site right now.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday June 12th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“The Urge” – Breakage & Threshold // Reinforced
“Thoughtless” – Calibre // Digital Soundboy
“Renewal” – LM1 // Outsider
“Pacific” – Naibu feat Arctic // Fokuz
“Acacia Avenue” – D-Bridge, Instra:Mental & Skream // Autonomic
“It Was Destined To Happen” – Dub One // Ingredients Promo
“Retroism” (Where Are You?) – Equinox // Subtle Audio
“Uptown Special” – Morphy // Alphacut
“Weigh Down” – ST Files // Dispatch
“Deez Breakz” – Lynx & Kemo // Soul:R
“Baptism Of Fire” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Twisted Dreams” – Flatliners // Break-Fast Audio Promo
“Tensions” – Sub // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“Fighting Spirit” – Forsaken // Immerse
“Deep Chord” – Elemental // Runtime
“Suboceanic” – Reactiv // Scientific Wax
“Head Butt Da Deck” – Silkie // Deep Medi Musik
“Deep Under” – Elemental // Hotflush
“Moment Of Truth ” – L-ow // On The Edge
“768” – Kryptic Minds // Tectonic
“System Log” – Kromestar // Dubstar
“Lounge” – DFRNT // On The Edge
“Surface Bound” – Luke Slater’s 7th Plain // General Production Recordings
“Why The Reason” – B12 // B12
“Valuable Leaks” – Polska // Subtle Audio


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