Saturday June 19th 2010 Archive

Not too much brand new stuff in this weeks archive, I took the chance to draw out some slightly older bits and underrated tunes.

The most recent bits in hour 1 are the collaborations by D-Bridge & Consequence, Justice & Metro and Fracture & Neptune aswell as Raiden’s recent debut release on his new Voodoo Music label. From the vaults, I dug out an old Sonar Circle (aka Domu) tune called “Close Encounterz” on Sonica aswell as the classic marimba-led (or is it xylophone?) “Astral Vibes” by Danny Breaks, taken from his “Vibrations” album.

Also featured are some favourites of mine from the Nu Directions, Subtle Audio and Breakfast Audio back catalogues. “Watergate” is one of the best things I’ve heard from New Zealand’s Mosus – the weird harp-like riff makes this one stand out. Cloak & Dagger and Equinox (remixing Macc & Düffah) serve up some sweet breakbeat atmospherics on “Time Travelling” and “Messier 51” respectively and the versatile Dutch producer Mindmapper pitches in with the drifting synth and sax of “Dizzy Dub”.

Into hour 2 and it kicks off with something from the very underrated Alpha Omega. He’s best known for his Drum & Bass productions but I’ve featured a techno track taken from his 2006 long player “Word Of Mouth”, released on Thermal. Whatever genre he dabbles in, his music always seems to have an experimental edge to it, as you will hear on “Building Blocks”.

The most recent beats in this hour come from A Made Up Sound (aka 2562) remixing Basic Soul Unit’s “Jak’d Freq”. It’s been played quite often on the show over the last month or so, but why not – I think most music is cast to one side too soon these days, so I’m making an effort to go against that as much as possible!

Continuing with some older techno-y bits from Aardvarck and Headhunter we veer towards dubstep territory with Helixir’s “Springz & Wires” on the influential 7even label before getting into a string of dubstep related business from the likes of Randomer, 2562, Mala, Peverelist and Alley Cat & Kiat.

Then we switch to some experimental uptempo techno from one of my favourite new artists this year – AQF. There’s another exerpt from the B12 Archives series this week too with the beautifully serene “One Thing In Mind”, followed by something else from the oldskool by Future Sound Of London.

The second hour ends with the same artist that started it all off, Alpha Omega – this time it’s an (as yet) unreleased track due out on Subtle Audio later this year. The title says it all… “Highway Cruising” – listen and you’ll see

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday June 19th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Life Is Timing” – Consequence feat D-Bridge // Exit
“Defragment” – Justice & Momentum // Modern Urban Jazz
“Close Encounterz” – Sonar Circle // Sonica
“36 Degrees” – Verse & SP // Crunch
“Time Travelling” – Cloak & Dagger // Subtle Audio
“Dizzy Dub” – Mindmapper // Break-Fast Audio
“Danzon” – Raiden // Voodoo Music
“Hull Breach” – Fracture & Neptune // Astrophonica
“Astral Vibes” – Danny Breaks // Droppin Science
“Let It Happen” – Break // Shogun
“Messier 51” (Equinox Remix) – Macc & Düffah // Subtle Audio
“Watergate” – Mosus // Nu Directions
“Igloo” – Justice & Metro // Modern Urban Jazz

Part 2:
“Building Blocks” – Alpha Omega // Thermal
“Jak´d Freq” (A Made Up Sound – Puur Natuur Mix) – Basic Soul Unit // Crème Organization
“Cult Copy Pt 2” – Aardvarck // Rush Hour
“Birk’s Range” – Headhunter // Tempa
“Springz & Wires” – Helixir // 7even
“Nothing Left” – Randomer // Audio Freaks
“Moog Dub” – 2562 // Tectonic
“Level Nine” – Mala // Hyperdub
“Infinity Is Now” – Peverelist // Punch Drunk
“Purple Clouds” – Alley Cat & Kiat // Kokeshi
“My Peoples Head” – AQF // AQF
“One Thing In Mind” – B12 // B12
“Flak” – Future Sound Of London // Virgin
“Highway Cruising” – Alpha Omega vrs Nubian Minds // Subtle Audio


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One Response to “Saturday June 19th 2010 Archive”

  1. great show, nice selection top mixing, Justice & Metro tune is Igloo though Bro 🙂 cheers Code

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