Saturday July 17th 2010 Archive

Dug out some old D&B and Techno favourites in this show but there are a few recent releases in here too, for those of you listening out for fresh beats.

First off, it’s back to 1998 for Photek’s remix of 4 Hero “Starchasers”. As you might have guessed at this stage I’m not a big fan of vocals, but I always liked the original version of this and the Photek remix makes it easier to fit it into a D&B mix. Next a classic Seba tune from the 1996 Mo Wax complilation – “Headz”. Many of you will probably know this as the mysterious track by an “unknown” called Forme on the Logical Progression 1 mix CD by LTJ Bukem. I only realised  it was Seba recently… should have guessed from the quality!

More golden oldies from Deep Blue, Digital and the aforementioned LTJ Bukem are also included here. I think “Orchestral Jam” (near the end of hour 1) was Bukem’s last real classic. Not quite up there with “Music”, “Atmospheric Jubilancy”, “Atlanis” or “Horizons” but certainly alot closer to that standard than his releases since 2000 – in my opinion.

Nice to see that there are some recent D&B releases that fit in with the classic LTJ Bukem atmospheric style too – Social Engineer’s “Line Of Sight” is an amazing piece of heart felt D&B. It’s a digital only release on the Scientific Wax label – would have loved this on vinyl but either way, this is a big personal favourite at the moment.

The most recent releases in this hour come from Rockwell (on the double!), Morphy and Equinox (remixing Polska). Had to play some Rockwell seeing as he was just about to make an appearance at a local festival called “Bump” the week after this show was broadcast. Morphy brings a heavy dub influence on his “Dusty Stylus” track – it’s available on vinyl from Alphacut right now. Polska’s “2nd Rate” album is due out on August 2nd but there’s a vinyl sampler doing the rounds already and that’s where you’ll find the break heavy Equinox remix of “Outvert”. The Equinox remix and “Setplace” are exclusive to the vinyl release, so it’s definitely worth snagging this. Copies are available from the Subtle Audio Shop and your favourite record store.

Into hour 2 and again there’s some older material featured such as the brillant glitch n synth combination of Horror Inc’s “The Sentinel” from 2003 and the off kilter bassline-led T++ remix of Marcel Dettmann from 2006.

The most recent release comes in the shape of Terrence Dixon’s sparkling “Room 310” – this is probably my favourite techno of the year so far!

Some favourites from 2009 feature aswell with Redshape’s remix of Marco Bernardi, “Stempel” by The Black Dog and something from the very underrated Aquatec called “Vilnius”. Check their “Places” album on the Hydrographic Audio label – I’ve heard very little hype about the release but I can assure you, it’s excellent!

Just to inform you of some mis-information on the microphone during the show – the Wagawaga album is no longer available for free (as it was when I got it a year or two ago). It has been remastered and is available to buy though – check the Acroplane site for more info. And also, the last track is by Apparat (not Moderat, as I said on-air!). Either way, a quality remix of whoever-they-are (!) by Monolake to finish the show.

Future Beats with Code on Spin South West FM (Ireland) – Saturday July 17th 2010

Download or Stream Part 1—>

Download or Stream Part 2—>

Part 1:
“Starchasers” (Photek Remix) – 4 Hero // Talkin Loud
“Forme” – Seba // Mo Wax
“Healing” – Will Miles // Deep Soul Music
“Stowaway” – Rockwell // Digital Soundboy
“Momentum” – Deep Blue // 31 Records
“Pull Up” – Digital // Metalheadz
“Line Of Sight” – Social Engineer // Scientific Wax Digital
“Understand” – Calibre // CIA Deep Kut
“Dusty Stylus” – Morphy // Alphacut
“My War” – Rockwell // Shogun Audio
“Imager” – Dissident // Subtle Audio
“Orchestral Jam” – LTJ Bukem // Good Looking
“Outvert” (Equinox Retrospective Remix) – Polska // Subtle Audio

Part 2:
“The Sentinel” – Horror Inc // Revolver
“Mathematical Accuracy” (Norman Nodge Dub) – Go Hiyama // Perc Trax
“Mystery Of Nazerus” (Redshape Late Bite Mix) – Marco Bernardi // Clone
“Matter Of Sound” – Planetary // Delsin
“Shena” (T++ RMX) – Marcel Dettmann // MDR
“Room 310” – Terence Dixon // Meakusma
“Vilnius” – Aquatec // Hydrographic Audio
“Stempel” – The Black Dog // Soma
“PiTjAntjAtjArA Dub” – Wagawaga // Acroplane
“Steinholz” (Monolake Remix) – Apparat // Shitkatapult


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